Marketing to the Individual Customer, Part 3

This final part of our series on marketing to the individual is going to tackle a combination of the two previous parts. This has all been about acknowledging that you can, and should, strive to reach individuals with your messaging, seeking to provide the intimate relationship today’s customers are looking for. You are competing with other, equally ambitious companies in this arena, so it is important to adopt the right mindset and implement the right tools. Consider this a recap.

The Mindset: Why You Should

We said in our first post that more personal communication is important because:

1)      You can
2)      It’s easy
3)      It works

You can reach customers at a more personal level now, because the tools are there. When the tools are there, the customers know it. They are more than ready to hold you accountable for what you lack in comparison to the competition.

The good news is that technology has made it easy to go above and beyond standard expectations. You can now engage your customer with an all-in-one customer communication solution.  

The Tools: Why You Can

Customer Communications Management (CCM) is the new end-to-end business strategy for unifying your customer communication efforts. You can reach a high number of customers, each with a more personal correspondence as time goes on.

The general industry approach is to combine business process management, customer relationship management, and customer-facing document generation tools into one. Most of these are separate solutions that form legacy systems and result in a unique customer communication management experience for every business. Customer communication management simplifies this: While there will never be a one-size-fits-all, a CCM solution allows customers a more personal customer experience with consistent branding at its foundation.

Documents & Your Data

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions do a lot to help you manage customer information. How are you putting that information to use? A CCM solution makes your CRM into something more. You are now not only monitoring the conversation with customers, but modifying it in detail.

When your CRM is seamlessly integrated with your document production and management tools, you can determine how individual customers want their communications. You can create segments and engage them more effectively by tailoring the dialogue to their needs. This means giving them the content they want, and delivering it by their chosen medium.

The Omni-channel Wave

Some of your customers prefer to communicate digitally, some by print, some both. There might be an optimal way to segment your customers by these preferences, but at the end of the day, preferences vary, and customers change their minds.

There is no question, however, that digital and mobile capability is a necessity. A more personal customer correspondence comes from traveling with your customers in their pockets, in the sense of customers having access to you, and you tracking your customers. 

A good Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution provides channel-agnostic templates for documents that can be delivered by any medium, whereas many legacy document production systems force businesses to keep different templates for different channels. You can understand your customers better, communicate with them more easily and effectively, with the Omni-channel capability of a good CCM solution.

The Journey that Never Ends

Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions are the foundation of a healthy, ever-evolving customer relationship. More personalized communications can give you more intimate knowledge of customers with time, and a greater ability to respond to their needs.

Communications like this have proven to create happier customers, increasing revenue and customer retention. What are you waiting for?

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