The Importance of Design

In Customer Communications Management (CCM), we often discuss higher availability and integrated data as core functions to set your business apart. But customer engagement is a three-in-one project: neither your company’s presence in the lives of customers, nor the conscientious management of their data, can independently form the perfect customer correspondence. They need each other. Likewise, these two elements alone won’t make effective customer-facing documents: you also need good design.

Ecrion Omni System (EOS) can help distinguish your business with omni-channel communications that are designed with care, for visual appeal to customers. For document production to be consistently great requires a solution that makes the work easy and the product beautiful.

Intuitive User Interface

It all starts with a navigable user interface. In order for Ecrion Design Studio (EDS) to be as intuitive as possible, we’ve given it a familiar office look, with menus and toolbars that are similar to tools your team already uses. The goal is to minimize the time it takes your staff to learn new tools before jumping in and creating templates.


Template Diversity

You have an unlimited amount of document types and styles to explore, satisfying both general business needs and customer preferences. Letters, brochures, and presentations can all be initiated upon opening the tool.

Either start from a completely blank template and customize the size, headers, footers, and margins yourself, or choose from one of our preset templates: Blank Letter A4, Reusable Subdocuments, Simple A4 Document, Simple Letter Document, A4 Brochure, Letter Brochure, Odd/Even Brochure, Stylesheet, A4 Landscape, and more.

Import Your Data

One of the proudest features of CCM is that it integrates customer data and communications into one solution. Ecrion Design Studio connects to the Ecrion Omni System (EOS) cloud so that the same content can be managed across your enterprise. EOS workspaces can be accessed directly from EDS.

Retrieving any data source is as simple as selecting the menu item “Data Source” from the toolbar and then importing any data file you wish to connect with your documents. From there, you have all sorts of options, like adding stylesheets, conditional formatting (dynamic formatting based on the data source you’ve imported), and more.


Classic Toolbars…with a Twist

Ecrion Design Studio offers a wide range of conventional toolbar options and page layouts. Developers are provided a tab to manage parameters and template scripts. Users can also view and edit the XML version of a file if needed.

You can insert various images, objects and widgets – interactive Business Intelligence Dashboards are where this starts to get interesting. You also have the option to place dynamic, targeted campaign ads in your documents.

Document creation is capped off with language options, editing preferences (role-based access to the document), and digital signatures, all of which can be accessed in the “Review” tab. Documents can be previewed on different devices – phones, tablets, and desktops – before rendering, to test the responsiveness of your design.

Once you have everything you need, and the document is complete, EDS connects to EOS and stores it in a CCM repository, for which users are assigned credentials to keep your documents and data secure.


Holding it All Together

Ecrion Design Studio creates a reliable foundation for visual designers, developers, and business users to maximize their roles as they interact together on the same platform. The tools create an environment for efficient and effective teamwork, which is ultimately what will produce your most finely crafted, engaging communications. Engage your customers around the clock, however they prefer, with information that is of value to them – and be sure to package it nicely!