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Articles covering the latest news and trends in the rapidly evolving worlds of Customer Experience and Customer Communication Management, and how businesses can build customer engagement.

6 Effective Ways to Collect Meaningful Customer Experience Data

Ways to Collect Customer Experience Data

As customer expectations rise, the experience a customer has is emerging as a key brand differentiator. Statistics show that brands that provide superior CX generate 5.7 times the amount of revenue than those who don’t. Companies that put their customers first are 60% more profitable than less customer-centric counterparts. Even without these kinds of stats, it’s easy […]

All About Digital Customer Communication and Why It Matters

Digital Customer Communication Methods - text messages, emails , and chat messeges

Properly communicating with your audience is one of the most important responsibilities that businesses have. As more and more interactions take place online, though, digital communication has become more of a factor than ever before. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know […]

Interactive Documents – Know Your Docs – Part 3 [Infographic]

Know Your Documents - Part 3 - Interactive Infographic-banner

The third infographic in our “Know your documents” series covers Ecrion’s interactive document generation capabilities. Find out how you can use the Interactive mode of Ecrion’s document automation software to build customized forms where users can input data. Check out our interactive documents infographic to see how easy it is to create interactive customer communications! […]

6 Transformative Applications of AI in Business

applications of AI in business

Statistics state that 37% of businesses in the US now use AI. Additionally, recent reports are also stating that AI poses the potential to increases business profitability rates by 38% by 2035. AI in business opens up avenues for measurable process optimization and increased efficiency. Businesses that don’t invest in AI run the risk of falling behind the […]

On-Demand Documents – Know Your Docs – Part 2 [Infographic]

Know Your Documents - Part 2 - On Demand Infographic-banner

Our On-Demand documents infographic, the second infographic in our “Know your documents” series walks you through the features of on-demand customer communications. With this type of document automation, you can generate personalized communications upon request at ease! Find out how to do that in our infographic covering the On-Demand mode of Ecrion’s document automation software. […]

The Importance Of HR Document Auto-Generation

The Importance Of HR Document Auto-Generation

According to an IDC survey, 80% of business leaders in HR reported that having different internal systems/applications that do not integrate causes issues around documentation. If you work in HR, you’re probably no stranger to the inefficiencies and administration headaches that revolve around HR paperwork. However, HR departments now have the option to minimize these issues by implementing […]

Batch Documents – Know Your Docs – Part 1 [Infographic]

Know Your Documents - Part 1 - Batch Infographic - Banner

For our Know Your Documents infographic series, we’ll introduce you to the three different modes of generating customer communications using our document automation solution. The first one covers Batch mode, which is the ideal choice for personalizing a large number of documents in a limited time frame. Check out our batch documents infographic to find […]

Document Automation for Business [Infographic]

Document Automation for Business Infographic Banner

What do your documents say about you? If they’re screaming that your brand is behind the times, it’s time for an overhaul. Sending disparate, mismatched documents via fax, email or old-school snail mail isn’t only outdated. It’s also costing your business. In fact, out-of-touch and inconsistent sales tactics are two of the top five reasons 1 most companies […]

Top 5 Ways to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy in 2020

Great Customer Experience Strategy

The recent Adobe 2020 Digital Marketing Trends Report has revealed that the #1 most exciting opportunity for companies this year is customer experience. What’s more, statistics are showing that companies who implement an effective customer experience strategy could experience a 70% increase in revenue in as short a period as 36 months. Findings such as these indicate that customer experience is one of the […]

How to Become a CX Champion [Infographic]

How to Become a CX Champion banner

If you’re interested in customer experience automation, then check out our infographic on how to become a CX champion! Learn more about the benefits that CXA could bring to your enterprise and find out what customers think about how much CX weights in their buying decisions. How many of them believe that CX is more […]