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5 Tricks for Personalizing the Customer Experience for Your Clients

Tricks for Personalizing the Customer Experience

Today’s consumers are quite savvy when it comes to sales and marketing. In fact, 63% of them expect personalization when it comes to the customer journey. What is personalization and how can you use it to enhance the customer experience for your clients? Read on to find out so you can improve the way you serve your prospects […]

5 Tips for Designing Effective Web Forms

Web form design tips

For the past five years, you’d assume that the average conversion rate has increased (at least slightly) as businesses master web form design. Unfortunately, that’s not even remotely the case. The average conversion rate is 2.35% in 2020, and this rate hasn’t really budged from 2015. On the other hand, once you start looking away from the averages, […]

Using Automation to Provide a Personalized Customer Experience

personalized customer experience

When you’ve applied personalization on a wide company scale, you can start experiencing an increase in revenue growth between 5 and 15%. There are very few business strategies that can provide that range of growth. Yet, when we truly look at personalization, we understand that the whole concept starts (and ends) with the customer experience. If […]

Why Automate Business Correspondences?

benefits of automating business correspondence

It’s expected that by 2023, there will be nearly 350 billion emails sent and received every day. If emails are a large part of your business correspondence, you need to be able to send automated emails so your employees don’t have to waste valuable time typing out responses. Keep reading to learn why and how you can […]

Keeping a Personal Touch When Using Automated Email Responses

automated email response with customized fields

It’s true that automating any business-related task can save time and money. You and your employees take advantage of automating business operations on many levels. This is even true when it comes to communication with your consumers. For instance, you might have a reason to set up automated email responses. These can be useful for a […]

Navigating the Many Channels of Customer Communication

people communicating through various channels

76% of consumers think business should understand their expectations and needs. Yet how are you going to accomplish this task without setting up the right channels of communication? The truth of the matter is that your customers will have different preferences. From a customer segment that prefers talking through a screen to another that will want direct human […]

Do Employees Fear Automation in the Workplace?

A robot and a woman working together via automation in the workplace

Researchers have found that 25% of jobs in the US are at high risk of automation, as 70% of the tasks involved can be carried out by machines. Stats like these beg the question, are workers afraid of automation in the workplace? With so many jobs at risk of automation, it is understandable that employees would be concerned […]

Track These Important CX KPIs to Pivot Your Strategy on a Dime


How important is good customer experience (CX) to the success of a company? According to Forbes, consumers are willing to spend up to 17% more at a business that offers them a good CX compared to one that has mediocre or bad customer service. If you want to take advantage of this trend towards valuing great customer service […]

How to Make a Customer Experience Project Successful

Successful Customer Experience Project

The vast majority of B2C companies today claim to differentiate themselves primarily on experience–even over price. They’ve undertaken large CX projects, and the vast majority of them think they deliver exceptional experiences. But a very small percentage of consumers agree. So the project didn’t accomplish much. What is the cause of this disconnect, and how […]