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8 Tips For Choosing and Using the Best Business Document Creator

document creator

Bruce Springsteen once said “Sustaining an audience is hard.” Likewise, maintaining your customer base can be a challenge. McKinsey & Company describe the three C’s of customer satisfaction. They include customer-journey consistency, emotional consistency, and communication consistency. Studies show that document challenges account for a 21.3% loss in productivity. Organizations may see a revenue loss of $19,732 per […]

Are you a Digital Experience Leader?

Can you imagine trying to conduct business these days without having a website?  I don’t know anybody that can! The Internet has become such a prevalent way to connect with customers that even companies that traditionally relied on face-to-face interactions like Goldman Sachs or Louis Vuitton had to bow to the new reality. Today, most […]

How to Create a Bank Statement Template: Your Step-By-Step Guide

bank statement template

Increasing workplace efficiency is no easy feat in the first place. It’s essential that you’re strategic at every level of operations to prioritize productivity. When it comes to your banking statements, there’s no exception. That’s why it’s in your best interest to develop a useful bank statement template. After all, you’re going to be using […]

Multichannel vs. Omnichannel Customer Service: Which Is Right for You?

omnichannel customer service

You know that there are some serious gaps in your current customer service strategy — and you’ve seen how those gaps have affected your business. Every year, companies lose over $60 billion thanks to poor customer service. What’s more, customers are much more likely to tell other people about a poor customer service experience than a positive one. In thinking about […]

How to Improve Customer Experience in 2019

how to improve customer experience

No matter the industry you work within or how many years you’ve been in business, we know that you’re committed to providing the best customer experience possible. Over 70% of customers say that they stopped working with a company not because of the quality of its products or services, but instead because they were unhappy with the […]

Why You Need Your Own Customer Journey Map Template

customer journey map template

It’s no secret that your customers are the lifeline of your business’s profit margins. As a responsible business owner, your top priority is the company’s bottom line. That’s why you need to make the most of every customer interaction with your brand. After all, even experts recognize that positive customer experience is the best thing your business […]