The Mystery of the Customer
Who is the customer? Where are they coming from? What do they want?

Everyone is looking for better answers to these questions, even businesses that seem to have it all together. Customers are a constant mystery, always changing habits, transferring from one location to the next…even changing their surnames. You want to deliver communications that serve the most updated versions of your customer profiles, and this will always be an ongoing journey.

But unveiling the identity of your customer can be an easier process with the right tools. Here are some ways a Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution can help you solve the mystery of the customer, giving you the latest of what you need to know.

Who is the customer?

More personal communications require you to get your customers’ preferred names, prefixes, and suffixes in order. Businesses today have unprecedented access to tools for error-free documents, as well as a two-way stream of communication to learn exactly what their customers prefer to be called.

There is no more hiding behind the veil of “big corporation”, because businesses of all sizes are expected to be personal. And this starts with addressing them how they prefer: the first building block to getting a full picture of your customer.

Where is the customer from?

Besides the importance of sending letters and emails to the right places, your sales will benefit from knowing where your leads are coming from – location, company, and profession could be vital in determining what a customer wants in every step of the relationship. Is it at a CTO in San Antonio or a painter in Portland? Different consumer types could respond to dramatically different content, which is why segments such as location, company, and position are so important.

A CCM solution makes it easy to segment your customers in these ways and more, then view those segments in a dashboard that shows how well you are performing with each. This will affirm your targeting methods, and makes for more precise targets in the future, leading to greater customer satisfaction and better sales.

What does the customer want?

The ultimate prize for a business that needs customer data is knowledge of what the customer wants. You start to develop this with name and location, but the end goal is to produce a complete profile for your entire business to center around.

Many businesses fall into a pattern of reacting to customer needs too late, oftentimes after a purchase has already been made. With CCM, combining customer data with customer-facing documents, you have an opportunity to learn about your customers well enough to predict what they want, send it to the channels they prefer, error-free and on time. It doesn't have to be a mystery. 

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