Ecrion, The ultimate customer engagement superhero!

You may have noticed something different here at Ecrion. A new look. A new feel. A new character. Well you would be right. We are very excited to introduce the world to...*drum roll*...Ecrion, the ultimate customer engagement superhero!

The Ecrion Story: The Beginning

Let me tell you the story of Eric. You see, he wasn't always Ecrion, and he didn't always have superpowers. In fact, he was just like you or me once upon a time.

Eric worked in the print room of a large corporation, churning out junk mail for anonymous residents.  But as he thought of his role and purpose, he got agitated.   He was a people person, and he was conflicted by addressing these mailings to “Resident”.  He knew there was a better way, so he went on a quest to find it.

It eventually brought him to an abandoned print room warehouse, full of old technology and discarded paradigms.  In a secret chamber, with the help of his genius sister he affectionately called “Techie Lou”, they set about reconstructing a new sort of print room out of the discarded materials.   Together, they were able to add in new things, like electronic delivery, and analytical evaluations.   But there was still something missing…

One day, in a fit of frustration, Eric accidentally hit the wrong button, and the rebuilt print room equipment exploded, mortally wounding him.   But, just in time, Techie Lou found him, and realized that to save him, she would need to replace his body with repurposed print room parts and computer room algorithms.  In a heroic effort, and with resourcefulness beyond understanding, she reconstructed him.

When he awoke, he was no longer Eric, but Ecrion, a champion of anonymous corporate customers.  He was the perfect blend of document production machinery and the disposition to engage with every customer.   He understood, in his gears and his soul, that the missing piece in his quest for the perfect print room had always been meaningful engagement.

Now, as a blend of technology and humanity, and with Techie Lou’s support from the secret laboratory in the print room warehouse, Ecrion is continuing his quest to root out and destroy disappointing customer experiences, and to bring companies and customers together in a rewarding relationship.

We will be revealing more about Ecrion's story in the coming weeks and months so stay tuned.

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