In my last post I referred to an instance where a customer was made happy, listing five specific things contributing to their positive experience. I would like to continue revisiting them, individually, over the next few weeks because of how important you'll find them to be.

These issues are always relevant because of how frequently they occur.

written by Errett Thomas, Global Director of Sales

The Value of Time

I don’t know about you, but I find it incredible how often companies don’t deliver on their promises.

I was speaking to a customer one day, and they mentioned an occasion where significant time and resources were poured into a business solution – it wasn’t just the hours of deliberation that went into negotiating and planning. It was also the estimated 3 years it would take to implement.

They have yet to complete it…and it was 5 years later.

Worse yet – those two extra years meant extra money. And they were already waist-deep in the investment before. Abandoning the project was no option.

Here’s the kicker: they came to us for help. 

In 4 months (as promised) they were accomplishing their same goals with our much more agile and cost effective solution, counter to the expensive and cumbersome product they were developing prior.

It’s a terrible thing to waste someone’s valuable time and money. There are better ways. One thing I can tell you: I won’t waste your time. 

My customer wished they had only known about us first. The good news is that you can start by talking to me.

Whether we have your customer communications solution or not, I will let you know. But we will not waste your time. 

Your time is valuable to us. Contact Ecrion today.