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A Customer’s Tale

What keeps customers coming back? The one customer communication strategy to rule them all…

It’s difficult to suggest there is a magic bullet for Customer Engagement. Businesses everywhere are scrambling to find new solutions in a digital, communication-centered environment, and most of them actually utilize different tools from separate vendors to achieve their document production, delivery, and customer data management goals.

The industry is still in a place where a consolidated platform, one that combines customer data and communications management, might be hard to believe – it sounds great in theory, but people are always skeptical of how new things will look in action. Maybe a business didn’t know it could be so easy (skeptical of the promise), or maybe they are simply comfortable with managing a legacy system that has worked for quite some time (skeptical of change).

What many don’t realize, however, their company’s success hinges on the choice between a legacy system and an all-in-one platform to manage their communications. All-in-one is the future, for a variety of intuitive reasons which have been demonstrated by the many who have already adopted it:

1)      Fusing document production and data management leads to more accurate, personalized documents.

2)      A single solution shared between different stakeholders, with a practical user interface, allows for interdepartmental collaboration, which leads to a more clear and consistent broadcast of the brand over time.

3)      A single solutions provider means constant support for any one solution on the platform, whether it’s document design, customer journey, or something else.

Again, this all comes across as “just theory”, but sound practice begins with sound philosophy, and the search for a fix-all is never complete.

That’s the reason for all the J.R.R. Tolkien jargon in these headlines: if you recall, the search for the Ring of Power always ended in the corruption of those pursuing it. It was never “true power”.

So we’re not searching for power rings here. While we are just as interested as you are in the question, “Will this get the job done?” we are also investing ourselves in a process, focusing on the smaller steps to realizing your goals, rather than setting a goal and snapping our fingers. It’s the same journey that you are on: the customer communications management (CCM) journey, where the keyword is management.

Here are your keys o instant Ring of Power, for taking on a more effective long-term customer engagement strategy.

Forming Fellowships

Luckily, you’re not expected to cater to both dwarves and elves, just humans. But those can still vary a great deal. Your customer communication strategy, top-down, should be dedicated to creating brand advocates, and this starts with recognizing how every customer is unique.

Connecting templates to customer data with an all-in-one customer communication management solution allows you to segment your customers with greater precision. You are given the tools to determine who they are, where they fit, and what communications to send them. Send to the right channels, at the right time, with the right content, and don’t miss a beat. Every document is a critical moment in the customer relationship – as they are the most frequent opportunity to engage.

A Journey Takes Two

This being the case, an all-in-one solution will also include the cutting-edge tools for engagement. The Ecrion Omni System (EOS) Customer Engagement Management (CEM) module enables you to map out the customer journey in a way you find appropriate for the individual. It separates you from the competition, because you are acting instead of reacting to customer behavior, thinking ahead.

You still have the opportunity to react, though, once the customers have gone through the process you have laid out, in which case you can readjust your hypothesis around what they prefer. There is no losing with this customer engagement strategy – there is only choosing to implement it. In the near future, this is how everyone will be developing advocates over time.

Conclusion: The Return of the Customer

Purely and simply, good experiences are what encourage customers to return. You can optimize the experience with better data, gained through longer relationships with clear, personal lines of communication.

The customer journey is a long-game, and we are in it for it. That’s what you look for in a solutions provider promising customer lifetime value. It’s as much about strategy as it is about the tools, maybe even blurring the line between the two.

In the end, getting customers to come back involves giving them more of what they came for. And the Customer Journey Map is here to help you figure out what that is.

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