The Customer Communications Quiz

How are you engaging with your customers? Are you a Traditionalist, a Futurist, or something in between? Do you see the importance of delivering consistent, accurate print documents, or do you perceive the need for increased digital transformation? Take this quiz to see how your communication styles are meeting customer preferences – and what your next move could be!

1.       Customers want to be communicated with by which channels?

a.      Phone
b.      SMS
c.      Email

The most effective way to maximize your reach today is with Omni-channel communications solutions. A number of customers still prefer traditional methods of correspondence, such as speaking to a call center or receiving documents by mail. There are also many who prefer strictly digital communications. It’s up to you to keep your business agile, always knowing and adapting to these customer preferences.

2.       How do you show the most value in customer experience?

a.      Take the time to print and deliver a physical document
b.      Deliver digital documents, to reach customers the fastest
c.      Deliver both physical and digital documents at once, just in case

Customers might prefer different modes of communication, between digital and print, but the ones looking to receive the most information in the least time, presented in the most digestible form, are going to want Interactive Documents. Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions that provide Interactive Documents give businesses limitless potential with the information they are trying to convey. With digital animations and dynamic ads, customers will know they are cared for.

3.       How can you achieve better brand recognition?

a.      Not worrying about it, being genuine takes care of itself
b.      Update your design to meet the new standard of ‘cool’
c.      Develop consistent best practices internally for a consistent brand

Better brand recognition starts from the inside. You need to be able to easily develop templates, write content, and design graphics that optimally engage. This only happens when designs and messages are consistent, which only happens when technology is accessible. Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions are meant to provide a user-friendly interface, and isolated environments where these tasks can be performed to completion.

4.       How frequently should you engage a customer?

a.      Once a month
b.      Once a week
c.      Changes, depending on the customer

Some customers complain about too little contact with a company. Some will complain about too much. As with delivery channel preference, Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions give businesses more streamlined access to customer profiles, allowing them to more easily determine when and how often they want to be reached.

5.       What do customers care most about having in their documents?

a.      Authenticity
b.      Accessibility
c.      Information

Now, add up your answers: each A is 1 point, each B is 2 points, and each C is 3 points.

If you scored…

9 or less: Traditionalist

You have a solid base of customers that trust you with their information, and they can rely on the quality of your services, while not worried at all about whether their needs will be met…it’s just a matter of when. Customers might have to wait a while to hear back from you, and sometimes this could be on urgent questions, causing some unnecessary worry and strain in the customer relationship. Your path forward may be to invest in solutions with high availability, so that you can give your customers the same 24/7 support as your competitors

10-12 Futurist

You know full well about the digital future, and you’re doing everything you can to stay on pace with technological change. You’re reaching customers on all digital channels, and you’ve adopted automation solutions for all of your communications. Some customers may feel left behind; there are still many customers who prefer more traditional forms of interaction with their favorite brands. Think about adopting an Omni-channel delivery method, providing print, as well as digital, document options.

13 or more: Moderator

You want to find the happy middle between the future and the past. Looking to adapt to a digital future, but also seeing the practical purpose of traditional channels, our main concern is for the individual customer. To you, it’s the preferences of individual customers that matter above all else. You want to do everything you can internally to meet these customer preferences, which means investing in the right staff and solutions to get things done with the utmost efficiency.

Bonus: How long is too long to keep a customer?

a.       1 year
b.      200 years
c.       Never

Here’s one we can all agree on. You should always be looking for ways to engage new and existing customers. How to best do this changes every day, because customer preferences change every day. Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions give you the ability to adapt to whatever comes, even benefit from changes to customer preferences.