One Unit is Better than Five

What’s a boy band have to do with Customer Communications Management (CCM)? Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Niall are very different people pursuing unique solo careers in music, but it’s hard to measure up to what they were together: iconic, widely-acclaimed super group One Direction. Here are a few ways in which functioning as a unit allowed them to engage customers (fans) more optimally.  

They Get Personal with Their Customers

“Baby, you light up my world like nobody else.”  

This might sound like something pulled from your typical high-importance business document. But would it surprise you to find it’s also a One Direction lyric?  

In their time together, the band was able to attract millions of fans from across the world, to gather and sing along to their music. But they were not just singing to the crowds – they were able to make each fan feel a personal connection with the band. 

Customer Communications Management (CCM) offers seamless data integration between your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and document generation tools, allowing you to speak to each individual customer as they prefer. This means personalizing the content, delivery channel, and the marketing strategy customer-to-customer.  

Looks Good, Sounds Good  

Can’t talk about One Direction without referencing good looks: Harry Styles would not be Harry Styles without…style.  

His curly hair and down-to-earth demeanor appointed him the band’s unofficial frontman in the eyes of the media. The whole band seemed liked for its united, authentic nature. And they all looked great together.  

Collaboration is made easy when Customer Communication Management (CCM) offers a user-friendly interface. You want a solution that fills in the gaps between technical and non-technical staff, so you maximize their agility working together. When graphic designers can more easily navigate their space, this translates into more visually appealing templates. Instead of saddling the IT department with providing content for documents, bring on a content writer. Dividing and concentrating the work will give you the best-looking, best-sounding documents. Everything from logos to text boxes, to targeted ads can look great, speaking clearly and consistently to customers.  

They Are Better Together

Though a couple of their solo careers are taking off, these One Direction members will never bear as much influence on the pop music world alone as they did with their super group. One Direction was a unique boy band as it appealed to a wide range of demographics, not just teenagers. Alone, they are beginning to disappear into various genres, from dance to soul and hip-hop.  

A single Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution allows you to communicate to different people as a unit. Your messaging can be consistent across the board, but still personalized by channel preference and communication styles. Traditionally, an enterprise might account for communications preferences by creating different templates for different instances, a new template for every edit. This makes for a really disorganized document repository with thousands more templates than you actually need. Some businesses even house separate outside solutions to accommodate different communication channel preferences.  

This changes with Customer Communications Management (CCM), as everything related to customer communications -- customer data, omni-channel communications, document production, document automation, and template design -- are all centralized through one platform. Your documents can be suited to a single purpose: customer engagement. Follow the customer journey, aspire to be like the most customer-facing boy band of all time. Go in the direction of One.