Under a budget? Don’t tighten your belt…

We live in a world with many competing priorities. It seems like everyone needs something that is better, faster, and more cost effective – sometimes they struggle to find compromise between those three.

written by Errett Thomas, Global Director of Sales

you don't always have to tighten your belt.png

You may have seen difficult choices portrayed in a similar way, applied to various circumstances: if you were offered “quality”, “speed”, and “cost effectiveness” but your budget only allowed for 2 of the 3, which would you choose?

Better and faster? But more expensive. Cheaper and faster? But not quality. What about higher quality at a low price – but slow?

The reality is that no one wants to choose. Oftentimes we are forced to. But this is not always…

What if you could get better, faster, and more cost effective with yet room in your budget for the icing on the cake? This would be ideal, but where and how are these solutions found?

There is at least one place. Of course, not all budgets are equal and not all problems can be solved in the same way. But it never hurts to ask. 

Why not ask if you can get a solution to your document production and customer communications problems that doesn’t force you to compromise? You could be more than pleased.