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Using Automation to Provide a Personalized Customer Experience

personalized customer experience

When you’ve applied personalization on a wide company scale, you can start experiencing an increase in revenue growth between 5 and 15%. There are very few business strategies that can provide that range of growth. Yet, when we truly look at personalization, we understand that the whole concept starts (and ends) with the customer experience. If […]

Navigating the Many Channels of Customer Communication

people communicating through various channels

76% of consumers think business should understand their expectations and needs. Yet how are you going to accomplish this task without setting up the right channels of communication? The truth of the matter is that your customers will have different needs and preferences. From a customer segment that prefers talking through a screen to another that will […]

Save Time and Money With CCM Tools! Here’s Why You Should Invest in It!

CCM Tools

Customer Communication Management (CCM) tools are software programs. These programs help to manage your business’s communication among a variety of platforms. Having the best CCM tools will help to improve customer satisfaction. Improving customer satisfaction can improve your business success. There are a variety of CCM tools available to business owners and finding the right one […]

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What to Look for in a Customer Communication Management Platform

customer communication management platform

If you’re trying to improve the way that your company builds a rapport with its customers, you’ll need effective tools to get the job done. In this regard, a customer communication management (CCM) platform is essential to the way you do business. Not all CCMs are created equal, so it’s important to learn which attributes you should […]

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