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Top 5 Ways to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy in 2020

Great Customer Experience Strategy

The recent Adobe 2020 Digital Marketing Trends Report has revealed that the #1 most exciting opportunity for companies this year is customer experience. What’s more, statistics are showing that companies who implement an effective customer experience strategy could experience a 70% increase in revenue in as short a period as 36 months. Findings such as these indicate that customer experience is one of the […]

How to Become a CX Champion [Infographic]

How to Become a CX Champion banner

If you’re interested in customer experience automation, then check out our infographic on how to become a CX champion! Learn more about the benefits that CXA could bring to your enterprise and find out what customers think about how much CX weights in their buying decisions. How many of them believe that CX is more […]

5 Tricks for Personalizing the Customer Experience for Your Clients

Tricks for Personalizing the Customer Experience

Today’s consumers are quite savvy when it comes to sales and marketing. In fact, 63% of them expect personalization when it comes to the customer journey. What is personalization and how can you use it to enhance the customer experience for your clients? Read on to find out so you can improve the way you serve your prospects […]

Using Automation to Provide a Personalized Customer Experience

personalized customer experience

When you’ve applied personalization on a wide company scale, you can start experiencing an increase in revenue growth between 5 and 15%. There are very few business strategies that can provide that range of growth. Yet, when we truly look at personalization, we understand that the whole concept starts (and ends) with the customer experience. If […]

Track These Important CX KPIs to Pivot Your Strategy on a Dime


How important is good customer experience (CX) to the success of a company? According to Forbes, consumers are willing to spend up to 17% more at a business that offers them a good CX compared to one that has mediocre or bad customer service. If you want to take advantage of this trend towards valuing great customer service […]