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Track These Important CX KPIs to Pivot Your Strategy on a Dime


How important is good customer experience (CX) to the success of a company? According to Forbes, consumers are willing to spend up to 17% more at a business that offers them a good CX compared to one that has mediocre or bad customer service. If you want to take advantage of this trend towards valuing great customer service […]

How to Make a Customer Experience Project Successful

Successful Customer Experience Project

The vast majority of B2C companies today claim to differentiate themselves primarily on experience–even over price. They’ve undertaken large CX projects, and the vast majority of them think they deliver exceptional experiences. But a very small percentage of consumers agree. So the project didn’t accomplish much. What is the cause of this disconnect, and how […]

How to Improve Your Customer Experience Strategy in 2020

customer experience strategy

96% of consumers say that customer service plays an important role in their choice of loyalty to brands. Competition is tough in just about every market these days. But one thing sets great companies aside from the rest – a good customer experience strategy. Customer experience is one of the most important aspects of running any […]

Navigating a Digital Experience Platform: Your Ultimate Guide

digital experience platform

It’s no secret that consumers are starting to rely on digital business transactions more and more. That’s why many industries have learned to take advantage of unique apps for their customers. As a result, these businesses recognize the value of the digital experience. The good news is that you’ve come to the right article. Below […]

How to Make a Quality Customer Journey Map (Fast!)

Customer Journey

Every business owner knows the value of getting into the minds of their target audience. What makes customers tick? What problem do they face and what solution can you offer? Beyond simply identifying your customer’s pain points, you need to understand the motivation behind the customer journey. Tracking, recording, and examining customer behavior provides valuable […]

Customer Experience Trends to Look out for in 2020

Customer Experience

The customer experience in the digital era is something that is continuously evolving. Eventually, the goal isn’t to follow the latest trends but to understand the trends that will be happening in the future. The question is – how do you do that? Most people don’t have a crystal ball lying around. Don’t worry. Here you can find […]

The Value of an Automated Customer Journey


A few weeks ago, I wrote about Customer Journey Automation. In that post, we explored tools that go beyond just mapping the journey, and focused on customer journey execution. For details, please check that post out. To summarize, journey automation software enables companies to trigger personalized customer communications at predefined mileposts, identify points of friction, and refine the […]

Customer Journey Automation

Customer journey automation

I recently wrote about Customer Experience Automation (CXA), and how Ecrion defines the term. One of the primary points in that post was that Ecrion specifically focuses on automating the Customer Experience—whenever possible. Automation is, in fact, the key to how we differentiate ourselves from other providers in the vastly crowded and confusing world of customer […]

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience: What’s the Difference?

customer service vs customer experience

Your ability to relate to your customers is foundational for any sort of business you run. Whether you’re a lean operation that is strictly online and digital, or a large chain with brick and mortar locations all over, you need to be continuously fostering this relationship. In doing this, it is vital that you learn […]