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Legacy Systems: Don’t Fear Customer Communications Migration

customer communications migration

Even though you might be filled with dread at the thought of your company migrating to a new customer communications management platform, you know all too well that your organization has to either change with the times, or fall drastically behind your competition. Here’s a secret: sometimes change can be good. In fact, replacing your old, legacy system can actually be relatively painless. That is, if you find the right solution.

When You Have Legacy Systems, Make Lemonade

legacy systems

Leverage Legacy Infrastructure to Deliver Differentiating Customer Experience

A number of us here at Ecrion traveled to the Insurance Nexus Customer Engagement Summit, where our own Paul Schenkel presented on how our communication and engagement solution leverages legacy infrastructure.  He shared three different examples, from three different markets (construction management, health care, and hospitality), where Ecrion’s customers combined our platform with legacy business processes to deliver data-driven and personalized communications in pursuit of customer-centric experiences.