Four Ways CCM for Banking Can Help Financial Institutions

ccm for banking

Banks have had to deal with many issues that have driven customers away over the past several years — from unethical practices, to an increase in fees, to competition from other banks and financial institutions. While the focus has been on correcting some of the perceived larger issues, a major problem has slipped through the cracks: customer communications. This is why CCM for banking can help financial institutions as we approach the new year.

Customer Communications Management, or CCM, offers banks, wealth management, and other financial institutions the ability to better communicate with their customers. Not all CCM software is built the same, however. It’s important for financial institutions to know what their customers will want in 2019, and how the right CCM software can help achieve this goal.

High-Volume Document Generation

ccm for bankingYour financial institution most assuredly creates a significant number of documents – statements, bills, invoices, etc. High-volume document generation is no small feat, which makes it all the more important to have CCM for banking in place.

Document automation within the document generation process not only makes it easier for banks to create a large number of documents, it helps to greatly reduce errors and risks associated with manual creation. When done correctly, review and approval workflows and audit trails are leveraged for both manual and automatic document production. This assures your customers will receive the right document with the right information.

Personalized Customer Correspondence

Your customers do not want to be treated as though they were just a number. Creating a great customer experience is just one of the many ways to retain your customers, and potentially attract many new ones as well. How important, then, is customer satisfaction? Research shows that just a one-point increase in the customer experience score translates to a $124 million impact for banks.1

CCM for banking provides financial institutions with the means to personalize customer communications to increase customer satisfaction by creating hyper-focused correspondences that give each customer what they want and the information they need.

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

ccm for bankingWe live in a world where information can be obtained using the tip of your finger. Customers want instant gratification, and if they can’t get that from your financial institution, they’ll go somewhere else. In fact, 33 percent of Americans say they would consider switching to a competitor if the services they want aren’t offered.2

Your customers want options for how you engage with them. Some customers prefer receiving correspondence in the mail, while others would rather you save that paper and just email them. Some would like for you to send a SMS/text message to them, or even communicate through social media. CCM for banking gives you the ability to use an omnichannel approach with your customers. With the right CCM solution, you can correspond with your customers through each individual channel – one at a time, or start on one and move over to another – seamlessly.

Digital Forms and Interactive Documents

While many financial institutions are content sticking with the same type of correspondence they’ve used year after year, they’re missing out on providing an exceptional customer experience by not providing electronic signatures, digital forms, and interactive documents.

With digital forms, your bank can provide a smooth, secure, fully-validated customer experience that both engages and satisfies. Your customers get a live preview of the document as you are filling out a digital form. Meanwhile, collecting digital signatures becomes extremely easy for you.

Interactive documents, on the other hand, take your communications (statements, fact sheets, analysis reports, etc.) to the next level: more informative, versatile, and easier to navigate than any ordinary PDF or Word document.

With CCM for Banking, the Choice is Easy

You don’t want your financial institution to go into 2019 behind your competitors, especially when they make it easy for your customers to leave and join them. Your customers are looking to you to give them what they want, and the best CCM software will do just that.

Ecrion Engage has all the tools your bank needs to create genuine, lasting customer experiences. Using large-scale personalization, omnichannel delivery, and rule-based automation, your financial institution’s communications can help in connecting with customers while promoting loyalty, retention, and advocacy. At Ecrion, this is what we do.

If you’d like to learn more about how Ecrion Engage can help your bank better communication with your customers, we’d love to talk with you. Email us at, or fill out our contact form and someone will reach out to you. We look forward to help you on the path to better customer communications.

1 “How CX Affects Revenue” by Forrester
2 “#WellActually, Americans Say Customer Service is Better Than Ever” by American Express