The Ecrion platform can help enterprises connect better with their customers and communicate consistently across all engagement points.

Touchpoints and Brand Perception

Nurturing the relationship with your customers and genuinely trying to connect with them are key components of a successful customer retention strategy. Leading companies around the world have realized that having a consistent Customer Communications Management (CCM) strategy will help influence the customer’s perception of the brand. Ecrion’s Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution provides a platform on which to build and manage your customer experience strategy and deliver the right customer communications, at the right time in the customer journey, in the right format.


IIt all starts with providing a positive experience during the initial stages of interaction with a prospective customer. Ecrion can help your team guide customers through enrollment options (e.g. deductibles, benefits), automate enrollment processes, reduce costs associated with manual steps and eliminate errors. Ecrion’s Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Customer Engagement Management (CEM) solutions provide complete digital forms functionality augmented with countless features including one central point for performing audits, data entry validation, multilingual support, omni-channel delivery, and much more.


Onboarding is an intrinsic component to your customer service strategy. It is your first opportunity to impress new customers, set the tone for the relationship, and manage expectations, is during the onboarding process. By delivering a cohesive experience, you set the stage to turn your new customers into loyal users and brand advocates.

Ecrion’s Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform and Customer Engagement Management (CEM) solution help you deliver onboarding packages, including letters and contracts, in an automated fashion, while still providing a personalized experience to every customer. Ecrion’s Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Customer Engagement Management (CEM) solutions also help you track the customer experience and define benchmarks that will act as indicators of a successful onboarding process.


Bills and statements are likely the most frequent point of contact you have with your customers. If you treat these touchpoints as communication opportunities, you can leverage each bill or statement to provide a better customer experience, and differentiate yourself from your competition by not only producing traditional PDF bills, but also interactive eBills and eStatements.

Your customers are empowered to examine their account history, configure omni-channel delivery (email, print, SMS, etc.), customize the statement format (e.g. summary or detailed), and more.

Ecrion’s Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Customer Engagement Management (CEM) solutions provide organizations with the ability to engage power users (such as institutional customers) with a wide range of interactive abilities right in their statements. Imagine your customers being able to click charts and graphs, drill-down in transactions, apply filters based on various criteria (e.g. sub-account, date range, etc.), and more!

Ecrion's Customer Communication Management system (Ecrion Converse) and Ecrion's system for Customer Engagement (Ecrion Engage) scale with your organization’s growth by reaching huge volumes of 100s of millions of statements per month, while providing full household/account aggregation capabilities, omni-channel delivery, and responsive documents that adapt to any device used to access the bill (mobile, tablet, pc, etc.).

Ecrion Converse is the only CCM platform that empowers your customers to interact with their bills and statements while still providing the traditional paper format as an option, and without having to generate the same document twice. Providing multiple delivery options makes it easy for your company to differentiate itself in the eyes of the customer and provides a clear path for engaging them.

Correspondence and Letters

Improving and automating customer correspondence is one of the key functions of any Customer Communications Management (CCM) technology.

Ecrion’s Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Customer Engagement Management (CEM) solutions provide a central place for business users to manage all templates used for outbound communications. Send batch correspondence or issue on-demand or ad-hoc communications or letters as-needed – using a combination of pre-created and custom-authored content.

Ecrion's Converse (Customer Communications Management) and Ecrion's Engage (Customer Engagement Management) solutions include native review and approval functionality – easily configure business rules and workflows to account for specific processes unique to your business. For instance, you may want an invoice to be approved by the accounting director as well as the operations director, whereas a marketing communication would need to run through a marketing-specific workflow. Supervisors can always filter and examine outbound customer communications in a safe, organized, and effective manner.

Leverage the powerful digital forms feature in Converse and Engage to manage inbound communications and better engage with their customers by capitalizing on the growing trend of customer self-service.

Marketing and Promotions

Brand consistency is a priority for marketing professionals – the marketing department always wants to ensure that all outbound communications have the same look and feel. This consistency of brand helps develop customers who trust and depend on your organization. Using a mix of marketing mediums reinforces the message to your target market. The Ecrion Customer Engagement Management (Converse) platform empowers marketing professionals to insert targeted messaging in all communications that are being sent, to track how and who reads them, and to document how many conversions occur as a result.

Ecrion’s Customer Engagement Management (Engage) solution includes built-in technology allowing you to insert transpromo ads (advertisements embedded in your communications) in any correspondence. Place ads that trigger purchases, monitor conversions, and, using Ecrion’s end-to-end analytics and 360-degree view of the customer, continuously tune your message and your strategy to adapt to ever-changing market conditions.


Self-service is fast becoming a preferred form of customer service. If you have experienced unresponsive chat agents, long hold times, and agent-to-agent transfers, you know how stressful the classic customer service experience can be. Today’s customers want to feel empowered to answer their own questions.

Ecrion's Customer Communication Management (Converse) and Ecrion's Customer Engagement Management (Engage) provide a framework for both information dissemination and self-service through interactive documents and forms. Interactive guided tours allow customers to open service requests by simply clicking transactions in any document, and embedded forms help customers connect directly with your company.

Dashboards and Analytics

Customers with large accounts are always looking towards businesses to provide simplified yet comprehensive account management. Managing sub-accounts, looking at the household as a whole, or identifying unusual transactions are all perfectly good reasons why customers that spend more are finding themselves looking for alternatives.

With Ecrion, businesses can provide personalized dashboards and analytics to their customer base (and charge a premium for it) that allows them to sort and filter transactions, drill down into visualizations and more. Together with interactive eBills and eStatements, dashboards provide a rewarding experience that strengthens the relationship with your best customers and shines a spotlight on your brand.

Ecrion’s end-to-end analytics and 360-degree view of the customer enable front-desk agents and customer support reps to access key features of the customer profile within the EOS platform. Enable the people who answer customer calls to fix customer issues, and you eliminate 90% of customer frustration. Marketing and operations professionals can leverage these same analytics and dashboards to pinpoint communications and interactions that resonate with customers, or to identify and fix gaps in the customer journey.

Brand Advocacy

Today’s always-connected customers no longer rely solely on the information provided via standard marketing channels, but instead are looking at peer reviews and recommendations to learn more about a product and/or service.

Ecrion's Customer Communication Management (Converse) and Ecrion's Customer Engagement Management (Engage) have built-in functionality to empower your best customers to carry forward your message on social media, blogging, and other platforms. And with built-in tracking capabilities, you can both measure how and who spreads your message, as well as recognize and reward the champions.

Loyalty Programs

In general, a small subset of customers will generate 55% to 70% of a company’s sales. Instead of carpet-bombing all customers with the same message, Ecrion’s Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform and Customer Engagement Management (CEM) solution make it easy to identify and reward loyal customers with a differentiated experience. Customers are positively influenced because they have contact with your enterprise through meaningful interactions, both in terms of value and relevance. The main purpose of managing loyalty programs using Ecrion’s Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Customer Engagement Management (CEM) solutions is to retain and reward your best and most profitable customers.