5 Key Benefits of CCM Software

ccm software

Most businesses require the aid of customer communications management, or CCM software, to handle large volumes of customer documents. Using a platform that allows for mass creation, production, and distribution of these, companies from all different types of industries have dramatically improved the fluidity and efficiency of their customer correspondences.

The adoption of these comprehensive solutions has provided numerous benefits to organizations, but let’s take a look at five of the key benefits CCM software can provide for your company.

Create Personalized, Targeted Communications

Many companies have issues when it comes to customer information. This information is probably stored in multiple locations, which prevents businesses from crafting individual content based on information gathered from each customer.

By utilizing CCM software capable of retrieving and correlating data from multiple sources, this process of data integration is usually the first step in producing personalized communications. By personalizing customer documents, your company receives a boost in customer satisfaction, which helps to dramatically increase your ROI.

Multiple Delivery Methods

ccm softwareTimes have changed, but has your company? No longer are customers content with receiving correspondences from you (such as invoices, statements, letters, notifications, brochures, etc.) in their mailbox. Some documents are undeliverable on a cellphone, tablet, or computer, which prevents organizations from effectively reaching most of their customer bases.

If your company doesn’t have CCM software to provide omnichannel engagement, you’re missing out.

Communications must be tailored to meet the wants and needs of your customers. While some might prefer to continue receiving a bill from you in the mail, others might want to see their bill as a PDF in their email. Simply put, companies using CCM software to implement omnichannel delivery want to engage with their customers. As we know, engaged customers not only become great brand ambassadors, they spend more with your company.1

Generate Millions of Documents Easily

ccm softwareIf your company has to generate millions of documents a day, it certainly isn’t easy and it definitely isn’t cheap. You’re talking about the creation of individual documents for customers on-demand; without CCM software, it’s almost impossible to do this successfully.

By using CCM software that meets small to large production demands (up to 100 million pages/day) while also giving you the ability to immediately create one-off documents through an authoring module, your company ends up saving time, energy, and money. The right CCM software, thanks to correspondence management, can also allow you to create documents in-batch, on-demand, or interactively.

Provide Interactive Documents

Customer interactions need to be documented over time to avoid a misguided perception of customer needs. Why not make it easier for your customers to provide you with the information you need while giving them the satisfaction knowing you actually care about their needs.

Interactive bills and statements take your communications to the next level: more informative, versatile, and easier to navigate than any ordinary PDF or Word document. Clickable documents record customer interactions and send them back to your CCM software, which analyzes the data and tailors marketing efforts based on predicted future behavior.

Interactive documents are channel-neutral, so you can start viewing a digital document on one device, then view on another wherever you left off. This is an invaluable tool for any business wanting to transcend boundaries.

Total Engagement with Customers

Engaged customers spend more, are more likely to try new products and services, and are excellent brand advocates. We covered this earlier, but it is true. Creating a great customer experience is on the minds of many company executives as we begin to think about 2019.2

Without proven CCM software, you might not know where your customers are stuck in their journeys, or how to increase customer engagement and measure improvements.

Do CCM Software the Right Way with Ecrion

At Ecrion, our state-of-the-art CCM software allows your company to keep all of your customers’ information together, so you’ll have a better understanding of what they want and need. Happy customers lead to a higher lifetime value and increased revenue for your company.

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You might even be surprised at just how affordable and easy to use our software can be. To find out more about Ecrion Engage, our customer communications management platform, you can email us at sales@ecrion.com, call us at 1-866-418-3838, or just visit our contact page. We look forward to helping your company find the path to better customer communications.

1 “Personalized Customer Experience Increases Revenue And Loyalty” by Forbes
2 “Customer Experience Is The New Brand” by Forbes