Change Log – Ecrion 10.0 Release Notes

Ecrion 10.0

The theme of this release is customer engagement. Customer engagement is the strongest indicator of future growth: Engaged customers are repetitive buyers, will pick you over your competitors and will spread the word to their friends and families. Defining a customer engagement strategy is a priority for many executives, and yet it is also a struggle for most.

Do you find yourself asking the following questions: How many contacts are currently engaged with the company? In what stage of purchase are they? Should customers be engaged differently than prospects? If so, you are not alone. These are just a few of the questions we are helping organizations answer.

New Features:

  • Engagement Module, your organization can define customer journeys for different target audiences and then engage them with the right correspondence and messaging. The solution helps marketing and communication professionals get visibility into what are customers doing, trigger interactions such as purchases or subscriptions and measure the effectiveness of each communication.
  • Full text search is now an option that enhances the search capabilities of the Ecrion solution. When this option is used, the software examines all the words stored in a document as it tried to match against the search criteria.
  • Multi-ad support for marketing campaigns enhances AD placement in your documents by selecting from multiple options that fit space left on a page