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Today’s Property and Casualty Insurers recognize the shifting demographics of policyholders towards those that grew up in the digital age. Customers now demand a 24×7, always-on, anytime, anyplace ability to interact with their providers. Insurance executives recognize that they must build meaningful connections with their policyholders when those policyholders need them the most: immediately following a loss.

Claims automation software provides one of the best opportunities to differentiate themselves and to engage their customers for life. Insurers therefore embark on digital transformation initiatives, with a focus on the customer experience, and especially claims automation.

From the first notice of loss through settlement, Ecrion’s claims automation software can help you optimize claim workflows, spend less time, and fosters stronger connections with policyholders. Timely, accurate and efficient claims correspondence is the heart of each of these processes and how insurers establish true digital differentiation.

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Improve Margins

Proactive, accurate customer communication in the mode, language, tone and format policyholders prefer reduces call center requirements. Acquiring new customers is an expensive exercise for insurance providers. Ardent management of the customer experience through the claims process builds long-term customer loyalty and reduces churn.

Connect With Customers

Provide around the clock service to policyholders when it will make the biggest impact—while processing a claim. Automate support and claims-based correspondence from a user-friendly and intuitive portal or app when it matters most. Make life-long connections with each policyholder through timely, accurate and meaningful communications throughout the entire claims process.

Process Claims Faster

Removing points of friction in the claims process is a prerequisite for doing good business. Automate each step to ensure every task is completed in order and on time. Better communicate with each party involved in the claims process and build a loyal customer base by anticipating their needs.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Customers require service whenever, wherever, and however it is convenient for them. Today’s connected policyholder expects the ability to submit claims online via any device, obtain real time updates, and communications, and for providers to remember previous interactions. Insurers are also expected to provide SMS and push notification options in their claims automation workflows.

Gain Visibility

Manage claims processes individually, and as a whole. Understand where each claim is, and learn where claims tend to get stuck in process. Pinpoint processes that have the largest impact to the customer experience, and shepherd individual policyholders through complications in their specific claim. Proactively communicate with customers to exceed their expectations, while reducing call center stress.

Ecrion Enables Stronger Customer Connections

Insurers worldwide leverage claims correspondence software by Ecrion to enhance their insurance customer experience, reduce operating costs, and control the inherent risks associated with the claims automation process. Thousands of companies across a broad range of industries use Ecrion to ensure compliance with corporate branding and regulatory standards while establishing genuine connections with their customers—one at a time.

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