3 Customer Communications Examples You Should Know

3 Customer Communications Examples You Should Know

Listen to Your Customers | Provide a Personal Touch | Let Them Help Themselves

At the heart of any successful business is excellent customer communications. The question is, do you know for sure how well your company is doing with customer communications? It could be a serious problem if you aren’t sure. Having a few customer communications examples at your disposal could always help.

There are so many ways in which your company can communicate with customers, and vice versa. Knowing what is customer communications management gives your business an edge in keeping your customers happy. These three customer communications examples will help you do just that.

1. Listen to Your Customers

More often than not, your customers will be very vocal about the things they want and need from your company. This can range anywhere from wanting information about the services you provide to questions they might have about a bill. If you aren’t listening, you can expect a very poor customer experience will happen, which might cause you to lose that customer.

For this example, let’s take a look at your customer, Maria. Maria has been a very loyal customer for many years, but she has a problem. She is no longer receiving communications from you in the mail. Instead, she’s only receiving emails, which she doesn’t check all that often. She prefers receiving communications, such as bills or invoices, through postal mail.

When she calls your company, how this situation is handled could mean the difference between a great customer experience, or possibly losing a loyal customer. With the right customer communications management software, your customers will be able to receive communications from you when and how they want.

Remember, listening to what customers have to say, acknowledging them, not only makes customers feel more respected and more likely to do business with you, it can serve as a valuable source of feedback to improve your product or company.1

2. Provide a Personal Touch

No customer likes to be treated as though they were just another number. Companies that do treat their customers this way often find those customers leaving for a different company. Your customers want to feel as though you care about them, which is why having a great customer communications management solution is so important.

In this example, your customer, Juan, is having an issue. Juan doesn’t mind receiving communications from your company, but he prefers them to be in Spanish, his native language. While the bill he receives in the mail is in Spanish, anything your company sends to him via email or SMS/text message is in English.

The right customer communications software should provide your company with an omnichannel or multichannel delivery system. This would ensure that any communications between your company and Juan would be in Spanish. The best software also lets you follow along the customer journey, so your company can personalize each correspondence to the individual customer.

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3. Let Them Help Themselves

Some of your customers might want to speak to someone at your company if they have an issue. This could be either over the phone or in person. If you use a call center, the longer a customer has to wait to speak to someone, the higher the chances of a negative customer experience.

Many of your customers, however, want more options. They are no longer content with having to wait to speak to someone about their problem.

For this final example, meet Rebecca, a Millennial who has been a customer for about a year.

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However, her parents and all of her family members are also customers, hence the reason Rebecca is a customer. Rebecca needs to report an issue and wants to use an app on her phone in order to do it.

By using the app, she’s able to report the issue, but she wants to make sure she did everything correctly. In this instance, she wants to talk to someone at your company via online chat. If you have the right customer communications system, the employee chatting with Rebecca can simply pull up her information and see that she did file everything correctly. The chat agent can also add anything Rebecca might have forgotten, then send a copy of their chat to her via email. By giving your customers different ways in which to interact with you, you relieve some of the burden on the call center. This leads to shorter wait times and happier customers.

These are just a few customer communications examples. That being said, if you don’t think your company can handle any of these, it might be time to look into finding a good customer communications management solution.

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