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Customer Communications Management: Management Of What?

CCM offers controls in three main areas: governance, production, and customer experiences. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Forward-thinking executives share one basis for all of their customer communication strategies: Change. Whether it’s consumer preferences, industry standards, or government regulation, Customer Communication Management (CCM) is, in many ways, management of change.

With Ecrion you can:

  • produce up to 100 million pages per day in any of 20+ output formats
  • automate, generate and deliver high-volume and ad-hoc statements, invoices, publications, reports, and more
  • target traditional (PDF, email, print) and modern (tablet, mobile, etc.) delivery channels simultaneously
  • meet and exceed customer demands with interactive communications, that your customers can use to dictate personalized views and drill down into their activity
  • reduce operational costs by saving time and money