Meeting Efficiency Demands with Ecrion Software

Organization Name:  Cedar Springs Technologies, Inc.

Contact: Charlie Haight

Industry: Technology

Country: U.S.A.

How changing vendors helped Cedar Springs offer better client solutions

Cedar Springs Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of professional services for application software design and development. It works with organizations of all sizes and across industries to develop fully customized software solutions that bring the efficiency and productivity that today’s business environment demands.

The particular project that led Cedar Springs to Ecrion involved a system it was building for risk assessment companies that do property inspections for insurance organizations. These assessment companies go on-site to a property, gather information about the building(s) and business, enter the data into the system, and then produce inspection reports. These reports are electronic and typically created in PDF or MS Word format.

Cedar Springs initially discovered Ecrion as it was searching for a solution that would allow it to produce outputs in DocX format (something it was unable to do with PlanetPress). “We were impressed with all the functionality and tools Ecrion solutions offer: the fact that it uses XML input was very appealing. We were also intrigued by the XSL:FO approach, as opposed to the PostScript and unique scripting language approach used by PlanetPress,” says Cedar Springs President Charlie Haight.

“We believe Ecrion offers an excellent product, and the staff is second to none. Working with the staff has been a pleasure, and the support team is the best I’ve ever had for any product. I’ve yet to submit an issue they have been unable to help me with. In sum, we are very pleased with Ecrion’s offerings and their responsiveness,” says Mr. Haight.

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