Organization Name:  Mid America Computer Corporation (MACC)

Contact: Steve Turner

Industry: Billing Services

Country: U.S.A

How MACC incorporates XF Rendering Server to create more efficient processes and optimize production

Mid America Computer Corporation (MACC), a midsize organization based in Nebraska, provides comprehensive BSS/ OSS billing services and accounting software solutions for telecommunications companies nationwide. Its Billing Services team, specifically, produces thousands of invoices monthly for the customers of MACC’s 300+ telecommunications clients. Several years ago, MACC noticed the software it used to generate these communications was slowing processes and causing inefficiencies.

Diagnosing the Issue

The Billing Services team has a large task every month. It generates all customer invoices sent out on behalf of MACC’s telecommunications clients through three production processes per run: The team creates a singular comprehensive PDF for archiving purposes containing all of a client’s customers’ bills, individually PDFed customer bills that can be emailed directly, and finally, individual customer bills in AFP format for printing. These invoices are then distributed to the appropriate recipients in specified formats. The search for a better document production system began when MACC noticed that issues with the software it was using were slowing document generation and creating extra work:


  • The software sometimes printed a line off, which then affected other lines and threw off the printing process

AFP Printing

  • At times the existing software would print two separate customer bills on the same physical page (one customer bill on the front and the next customer’s bill on the back), which meant the possibility of manually checking over 100,000 bills each month to ensure this error did not occur

Image Insertion

  • Only one image per bill was allowed, so client logos were the only visuals present in documents
  • The software had to be reconfigured each time a new image was added, making creation and editing processes lengthy

So, to remedy these issues, MACC set out to find a new solution for its output production. In its search, it found Ecrion’s XF Rendering Server. “We did not look at any other product,” says Danie McCown, a Billing Services Systems Analyst. They downloaded a trial, and after the trial period ended, MACC purchased XF Rendering Server.

Finding the Right Fit

“We liked that the XF Rendering Server is XML driven,” says McCown. MACC also chose the solution because using it helped to eliminate previous issues and optimize production efficiency. Pagination and printing issues no longer occur, saving process time and freeing MACC from the possibility of having to manually check thousands of invoices.

The XF Rendering Server’s intuitive functionality also makes generating bills easier. “In the old software the logic used to create documents was visible and to the side of the page. Now, the logic is behind the scenes,” says McCown. Also, the Billing Services team can now insert any number of images in customer bills – no reconfiguration required. “We are able to pull graphics in on-the-fly,” says McCown.

Customization is easier as well – the team can quickly create “backers” (consumer specific information on the backs of bills) for individual invoices. “I type the backer once and then can pull in any graphics and conditional blocks as needed,” McCown says. The backer can then be automatically inserted in specified documents. What’s more, nontechnical users can view documents the Billing Services team creates without difficulty. “People from other departments can easily look at PDFs I create,” McCown says. Finally, MACC enjoys the ongoing technical support Ecrion provides.

Since implementing Ecrion’s XF Rendering Server, MACC has seen increased productivity and smoother, easier document generation in its billing production processes. With an easier to use, more efficient automation system and a highly skilled team, MACC can look forward to continued success in providing quality services for its clients.

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