Fast, Colorful Printing with Ecrion Software

Organization Name: Postcard Services

Contact: Adam R. White

Industry: Marketing

Country: U.S.A.

Why Postcard Services chose XF Rendering Server to render thousands of high quality, print marketing materials

Located in Brandon, Florida, Postcard Services specializes in marketing with postcards.

“We offer postcard marketing packages that include printing of high quality cards and mailing of the cards. Design is available on all products. More than that, we specialize in direct mail technology and have developed many applications, such as our website,, the Online Postcard Designer, and our automated direct mail solution, MarketGenerator. With these applications we have created powerful tools that can be privately labeled for our clients’ businesses and can offer amazing tools for their employees or franchisees,” says CTO Adam White.

The Online Postcard Designer uses Flash technology and works with both PC or Macintosh and any browser that uses a Flash plug-in. “In ‘layman’s terms’: it works great for just about everybody,” says Mr. White. “The Designer lets its clients empower their marketing and also gives them the freedom to design and redesign as they see new marketing opportunities. They don’t have to buy any software or even learn. This application lets them create beautiful marketing using our provided images and templates or by letting them import their images and logos as needed.”

“At Postcard Services we strive to deliver the highest possible quality for our clients’ mailings. The best and finest digital printing methods and full color on both sides of the cards is standard, not an optional up-charge,” explains Mr. White. “Our high gloss, proprietary ArmorCoat on both sides seals in the images and even the mailing addresses from the rigors of the Post Office sorting equipment. Unlike any UV or lamination available, ArmorCoat is the most durable protection for your postcards. This coating, developed exclusively for Postcard Services, gives each card a beautiful, smooth glossy finish on BOTH sides of the postcard. ArmorCoat, combined with our state of the art digital printing process, delivers true offset quality without sacrificing any detail or color,” he says.

“All our services are provided in a timely manner because we are here to help our clients succeed under tight deadlines with no sacrifice in quality or customer service. As a professional marketing firm, we have the skills and knowledge to get our clients’ companies noticed,” he explains.

“We were working on a component for our website when we came across Ecrion’s XF Rendering Server, and we thought the product could help us complete the job. We used an online Flash based designer that produced XML files for each postcard design,” says Mr. White. “At the time, we were exporting the finished designs using PHP, which created a JPEG. The JPEG was then printed on our digital printing presses. It looked okay, but the small fonts didn’t work well. We wanted to create a process on our server with Ecrion’s help. We used the Ecrion application for our project while working with the Ecrion team to get our XML to convert to PDF (instead of retaining all of the fonts), and we are very happy with the results,” he says.

He continues, “Its complex set of features makes Ecrion XF Rendering Server suitable for almost any kind of document, including brochures, postcards, and business cards. It was exactly what we needed. We also made use of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), which is the underlying support for vectorial graphics in XF Rendering Server (for its support for paragraphs).”

“All of us at Postcard Services are very impressed with Ecrion’s level of services and knowledge. We appreciate how hard the Ecrion team worked to help us with the project. We are getting many opportunities to develop systems for other printers, and we look forward to working with Ecrion on more projects (mainly different XML sources),” says Mr. White.

“Thank you very much for your help, your great work, and your great software! Your server tool has been a great asset for our production!”

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