Optimizing Educational Communications

Organization Name: University of Minnesota

Contact: Timothy Roman

Industry: Educational Institution

Country: U.S.A.

Why the University of Minnesota College of Continuing Education chose Ecrion products to make course catalog production efficient

The University of Minnesota College of Continuing Education is an educational institution that serves over 50,000 students every year. With its vast and diverse course offerings geared for personal and professional development, UMN seized an opportunity to update and automate the production of its course offering catalog by utilizing the advanced capabilities of Ecrion’s suite of products.

“Ecrion has exceeded our expectations both in functionality and product support,” says Timothy Roman, New Media Group Director. “When we hit a wall with what the open source XML/XSLT transformation modules could offer in terms of features, we found in Ecrion’s product an active, professional, and expanding feature set that helped us accomplish our project goals.”

“Support from Ecrion staff has been responsive and productive; with its help we were able to create and configure templates that did the tricks we wanted in a convenient time frame,” he says. “By implementing our catalog solution using Ecrion, we now have a much more efficient and nearly totally automated PDF course catalog production process.”

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