Making Software Work For Government Employees

Organization Name:  Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

Contact: Jim Kraft

Industry: Government Agency

Country: U.S.A.

Increasing efficiency and delivering better service to injured workers

The Department of Labor and Industry for Washington State is a government entity dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of its state workers.

“As administrators of the state’s workers’ compensation system, we are similar to a large insurance company, providing medical and limited wage replacement coverage to workers who suffer job-related injuries and illness,” says Project QA Practitioner Jim Kraft.

“The Ecrion product has been a key technology component in delivering process automation for the Structured Settlements business unit within the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries,” Mr. Kraft says. “The rendering capabilities of the Ecrion product provide dynamic forms generation, which results in an electronic MS Word form that is auto-populated with mainframe legacy data. The dynamic form results in 8 to 30+ pages of claims information, depending upon the amount of claim history of an injured worker,” he says.

“There are sections of the dynamic form that get repeated when an injured worker has multiple claims over his or her work history. There are also table rows that expand, depending on the amount of claims history detail,” Mr. Kraft continues. “We use Ecrion’s technology in a web application that brings data from five Web Service messages together to create a unified XML data source that  auto-populates the pertinent forms we generate.”

“This type of automation accounts for a 25% time savings for our attorney staff, which provides them more time to focus on the “knowledge labor” aspect of their jobs. All of this leads to a better ability to focus on injured workers and providing the best service possible,” Mr. Kraft says.

“The Ecrion marketing and technical support teams have been very helpful and have delivered excellent service to support our efforts to leverage their technology products into our business technology solutions,” he says.

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