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Organization Name:  Xtreme Software

Contact: Rene Engelhardt

Industry: School management software

Country: Australia

How Xtreme Software incorporates Ecrion’s XF Rendering Server to power critical education-related documents

Xtreme Software, a Melbourne based educational software company, was founded in 2006 with a vision to create a web-based platform that would better manage students’ progress in Australian primary and secondary schools. The result of Xtreme Software’s vision was XUNO, a cloud-based school management suite used by teachers, administrators, students, and parents for everything from submitting and grading assignments, to recording attendance, scheduling parent-teacher meetings, and paying for school related trips.

Searching for an agile solution

Two years ago, CEO and Xtreme Software founder Rene Engelhardt and his team set out to find the right rendering tool for all of the documentation produced and communications exchanged between XUNO users. With over 300,000 student users alone, the platform had to be able to handle high-volume document production quickly and efficiently, had to be cloud-based to integrate with the XUNO application, and had to be able to generate a variety of communications in email, SMS, PDF, and print forms. Mr. Engelhardt and his team began their search in hopes of finding a fast rendering engine that could:

  • Convert Word documents to PDF
  • Convert HTML to PDF
  • Automate the implementation of specific, per document specifications and styling

After thoroughly researching three competitor products, Mr. Engelhardt says the search became quite “tedious”. Finally, the Xtreme Software team found Ecrion’s XF Rendering Server, and as Mr. Engelhardt says, “It all came together. XF Rendering Server did everything we wanted, plus more.”

“We are really, really happy with XF Rendering Server; can’t complain at all. It has never failed. It has always worked.”

— Rene Engelhardt, CEO, Xtreme Software

Integrating automation for better client service

Since discovering XF Rendering Server, the Xtreme Software team has used its capabilities to augment the services of the XUNO application. XUNO users, from educators to administrators, can put in requests for batches of permission slips, incident letters, report cards, and many other types of communications to be generated through the engine and sent as individual or amalgamated PDFs, Word documents, SMS messages, and emails to students and parents, or for teachers’ use. Documents sent to parents (such as permission slips for field trips) can also be signed electronically and sent back to teachers through XUNO. The easy, fast generation of complex, conditional, individual communications or multi-document PDFs saves teachers and administrators from having to manually create many kinds of school-related communications and gives them more time to spend educating. Being able to access homework, personalized progress reports, and timely communications about school activities through emails, text messages, or printable PDFs ensures students are empowered to flourish academically and make the most of their school experiences and that parents are armed with the knowledge and oversight to ensure their children’s success.

Besides the external benefits the adoption of XF Rendering Server has provided Xtreme Software’s clients, the company benefits internally as well. Mr. Engelhardt says that his team used to spend large amounts of time formatting individual documents, with font stylization in particular augmenting the time taken to complete customer requests. The internal reduction in manual work as a result of automation through XF Rendering Server, combined with the ability to quickly and effectively fulfill customers’ requests through its fast, high-volume document generation and multi-format capabilities are reasons Mr. Engelhardt and his team are pleased with their choice. “We are over the moon and very, very happy with XF Rendering Server because it does exactly what we want it to do,” he says.

Moving into the future

As more and more private and public primary and secondary schools across Australia adopt XUNO and Xtreme Software expands to meet demand, Mr. Engelhardt and his team continue to use XF Rendering Server as an integral part of providing clients the quickest and best service possible. At the moment, Xtreme Software sees nothing it would like XF Rendering Server to do that it does not already do. “We are really, really happy with XF Rendering Server; can’t complain at all. It has never failed. It has always worked,” he says. Looking forward, Mr. Engelhardt says that XUNO may be moved from a Windows-based processor to Linux, which XF Rendering Server already supports. “XF Rendering Server has always worked the way we need it to,” Mr. Engelhardt says, and moving into the future it will be a key part of XUNO and of Xtreme Software’s growth as the company seeks to support students, parents, administrators, and teachers as they work together to achieve high academic success.

To learn more about XUNO and the ways it can enhance the academic experience for students and their parents, as well as educators and administrators, please visit www.xtremesoftware.com.au.

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