Bring all your enterprise data together into a clean, unified source with ease!

Complete transparency and easy-to-follow visual representations drastically simplify what has traditionally been a closed, inflexible and error-prone process.

Start with good data

EOS Data Modeler provides all the features and functionality required to create data schemas and design data retrieval processes. Featuring a visual, easy to use, and logical interface, it integrates with the other applications in the EOS Design Studio to easily connect to any data source and act as a clean data provider to power the dynamic document generation and BI activities that business today demands.

Data integration

Data Modeler can use multiple sources, in any combination, as part of a data model. Both SQL and NOSQL data sources are supported, including Oracle, Postgress, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and more, as well as Web Services, Excel, text files, Hadoop, XML – even custom data sources.
Data Modeler can transform data on the fly using custom scripts, or you can choose from a library of over 100 functions and apply logic while mapping output. 


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