A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

1. Document Automation for Handling of Records | 2. Ecrion Improves Patient Communication | 3. Patient Charts Filled Out Easily |
4. AI in Digital Transformation |
5. On-Demand Services for Patients

The healthcare industry was valued at close to $9 trillion in recent years.

Both in light of COVID-19 and societal changes as a whole, it’s clear that this is an industry on the rise. Technology is evolving with it so that patients can provide better care to their patients.

Digital transformation is taking off by leaps and bounds in all aspects of the medical industry. So what important changes should you expect?

Read on to learn more about trends and changes coming in digital transformation in healthcare, and how Ecrion is a big piece to the puzzle.

1. Document Automation Will Improve Your Handling of Records

Document automation is one of Ecrion’s main capabilities and it is essential for keeping up with the demands of digital transformation in healthcare.

With this service, you get access to an intuitive dashboard that manages and streamlines your documents through every stage of the project. It sets you up with an impeccable workflow that keeps your medical practice or other business organized and on track.

Ecrion’s platform makes it easy for you to scale your practice while maintaining quality control. You will have access to tools like centralized templates and the ability to manage assets. They will provide real-time interactions in ways that are far more dynamic than traditional PDF forms.

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Without question, document automation is revolutionizing the medical industry and other areas of healthcare. It smooths out your daily operations and makes your staff more efficient. This saves you lots of time and allows your company to make better use of its resources.

Your practice will stay in compliance while also keeping your patients’ information as safe as possible.

2. Ecrion Improves Communication With Patients

Ecrion also shines when it comes to managing patient communication.

It features an omnichannel communication platform that handles virtually every facet of patient communication. You’ll be able to handle things like medical charts, appointment reminders, billing notices, diagnosis information, prescriptions, and so many other workflows.

You’ll be able to streamline the way that you send these notices out to your patients by tracking and optimizing your patient’s communication preferences. Practices will also be able to use a visual design to make sure that your practice’s branding and logos are always present, along with any compliance verbiage.

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New customers will be able to easily and effortlessly opt into communication with you, be it text, e-mail, print, and other methods. With Ecrion, you can also customize language preferences for patients whose first language is not English. You’ll appreciate hundreds of templates you can choose from and a variety of ready-made customizations that you can use how you see fit.

3. Patient Charts Are Filled Out Easily

Getting patients in and out should be a priority for any medical practice. With digital transformation, this becomes easier than ever. Patients today are often given tablets with menus and fields that are easy to fill out. Returning patients can quickly confirm their information and get logged in for their appointment seamlessly.

Likewise, doctors will also have easier access to patient charts. This way, doctors can pull up patient records from prior visits and use it to inform the level of care they provide.

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4. AI is a Big Part of the Digital Transformation in Medicine

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world. It’s contributing to every industry, and you can expect to see AI make a huge impact on digital transformation in healthcare.

For one, AI algorithms will help to pinpoint patient needs and ways to help them. AI and robotics are becoming increasingly instrumental in things like training medical professionals, providing diagnoses, early detection, healthcare provider decisions, end of life care, and overall wellness.

More medical professionals are relying on big data for preventative care, which is crucial in a world where cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are rampant. The better they can pinpoint issues and offer preventative care, the more we’ll see some lives saved.

Medical practices will also continuously improve the way that they run their staffing, scheduling, and human resources (HR) thanks to the progression of AI. The better you run your medical practice, the better care your patients will receive as a whole.

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5. Patients Increasingly Request On-Demand Service

The digital transformation of the healthcare industry brings some notable benefits for patients. Today’s patient wants their medical service on-demand, and technology is fulfilling those wishes.

More people than ever are taking advantage of telemedicine visits. You can expect these numbers to increase as the COVID-19 pandemic requires social distancing and other guidelines. People are also taking their healthcare into their own hands by using apps that provide updates and information on all areas of medicine.

What’s more, wearables are becoming more popular. These wearables allow people to track their heart rate and blood pressure, hydration, sleep quality, medication reminders, and so much more. Expect to see them become more sophisticated as they keep evolving.

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Get to Know the Digital Transformation in Healthcare

When you consider the digital transformation in healthcare, it’s easy to see how technology is evolving in this industry. We’re scratching the surface of the digital transformation, and it’s only going to continue over the next several years.

If you run a practice, consider these points so you can use them to provide better medical care to your patients.

We would be happy to help your organization on its path. Use these tips and contact us for more information.

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