Document Assembly

Business-critical document packages, effortlessly delivered

A Completely Scalable Customer-Centric Approach

A fully integrated customer communications management solution gives your organization the flexibility to deliver a full range of automated and personal correspondence packages. With the Ecrion platform, documents packages can be created in-batch, on-demand, or interactively. Documents are automatically populated using customer data, and can incorporate customers’ individual preferences so that correspondence is received in the preferred format and channel. You can also implement complex review and approval processes with your Ecrion solution, as well as automate legal review, and trigger compliance checks. Your organization is in total control of document package that is being delivered to your customers.

Key Benefits Of A Document Assembly Solution

For Business Users

  • Develop on your customer’s expectations and provide the information they need in a seamlessly assembled document package.
  • Deliver multi-channel and omnichannel experiences that will cover your current needs as well as expand for future channels.

For Operations

  • Compliance with regulatory bodies for disclosures inclusion and other relevant information is a must for many organizations.
  • Control data quality and cleanliness by setting up approval and review based upon role. The business department can take control of the content and layout, allowing you to focus on data integrity and control.

For Executives

  • The Ecrion platform was designed from the ground up to send high volumes of documents and communications. You can be confident the platform will scale to meet your needs as your organization grows.
  • Tie revenue and accountability to specific campaigns while streamlining teams and processes. Visibility into customer interaction as a whole will help to predict what will happen in the future and better plan the 30/60/90 day outlook.

Next-Generation Customer Engagement

Deliver personal and relevant communications across print and digital media channels that are engaging and scalable. Leverage your existing infrastructure investment to deliver a consistent brand experience across the different touchpoints that can build trust and boost loyalty over the entire customer lifecycle.

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