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Dynamic Documents Engage Customers

A Completely Scalable Customer-Centric Approach

We all see ourselves as unique individuals and want to be treated as such. This is why personalized document generation is no longer just “the cost of doing business.” It has become a tool for improving customer engagement, loyalty, and retention. Document generation software has evolved significantly in the past decade; dynamic PDF production is used for both agile on-demand communications and scalable batch communications. Dynamic document generation is also used to produce advanced interactive documents, suitable for when data complexity makes it a challenge to present information effectively.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Companies are constantly looking for better ways to create and deliver the documents their customers need, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and revenue. Companies that choose Ecrion’s dynamic document production capabilities gain the versatility to present complex information from multiple data sources across the enterprise.

Reduce Call Center Load

Self-service reduces wait time and increases customer satisfaction by allowing them to receive what they want, when they want it, and what channel they wish to receive it, all while easing pressure on your call center. With Ecrion, automatic document generation is used in conjunction with our customer journey mapping to deliver information at the right time, without overloading the customer.

Expand Your Audience

Personalization must take into consideration the demographics of the target audience. Dynamic documents can effectively address the gap between generations: Millennials can be provided with digital interactions while, at the other end of the spectrum, Baby Boomers can still get print in the mail. An Ecrion solution provides the capabilities to handle the production of documents as well as the distribution of documents via print, email or SMS/text messaging in both a multi-channel and omnichannel fashion.

Support Multiple Languages

Supporting multiple languages can expand your target audience and increase revenue. Planning for multi-language starts with the design phase, where our dynamic document builder can help you associate translations with elements in your template. At runtime, the document generator will pick-up the appropriate translation according to the customer’s profile. Whether driven by market, compliance regulations, or customer preferences, Ecrion document production software can help you communicate in the language that’s best suited to your customers.

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