If Your Document Automation Software Doesn’t Include These Features, It’s Time For an Upgrade

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Gone are the days of manual processes when it comes to managing your documents. While some companies still use Word Docs, Excel spreadsheets and email notifications to create and get documents from point A to point B, there’s a better way.

Document automation software ensures that your documents follow a workflow from creation to revisions and final approval.  It automates the process of creating your company’s documents, including legal documents, invoices, statements and more so you can quickly and easily distribute this content.

It also ensures that you only send out the most up to date documents to customers.  Let’s look into workflow automation and how it benefits the way you manage your documents.

Why Document Automation? 

Document automation manages the creation and distribution of a company’s documents. It enables employees to take a lot of the manual processes out of document creation, ensuring that all documents are up to date, follow branding specifications, and that only the current version is released.

An automated system will increase productivity because employees can spend less time preparing and chasing down documents and more time focusing on more pressing tasks. With document automation software, you’ll know exactly where a document is in the process and whose hands it’s in.

It also enables your employees to be more responsive with clients, by enabling them to more quickly create any requested documents and have them approved by the necessary parties.

A single platform for your documents also means that you don’t have to look through your computer files or email to find a document you’re looking for. It’ll all be right there within your system and you can find what you need easily with a quick search.

Must-Have Features 

Automating your document creation process can benefit your company greatly in terms of productivity and efficiency. But not all document automation systems are created equal.

Here’s what to look for in a good document automation system.

Workflow Management 

Workflow automation is an integral part of the process. By automating the document workflow, each phase of document creation, from design all the way to final delivery, is managed and approved by all necessary parties.

Internal and external stakeholders can collaborate on each document, and the process of review and approval is streamlined and managed every step of the way.

Forms and Fillable PDFs

The document automation system is a repository of all your company’s information. All users should be able to access the system to easily search for what they need, so they can get documents and forms to customers quickly.

Fillable PDFs enable documents to be personalized quickly and automatically.

This system should also enable employees to interact directly with customers without the need for using call center support.

Regulatory Compliance 

Documents play a crucial role in compliance. Sensitive documents must be dealt with securely and correctly. By ensuring all documents go through a workflow approval process, you can be sure that all data has been given the necessary oversight needed to comply with regulatory requirements or branding standards.

You’ll also ensure that only those who need access to sensitive documents are able to view them so that your company’s confidential documents stay that way.

Create Batch or On-Demand Documents 

Sometimes you don’t need just one document, you need a lot. And that’s where the importance of creating batch documents comes in.

Items like invoices and annual reports can be simplified by running a high volume batch job through the system.

Integration with Third-Party Solutions 

Within businesses today there are a variety of systems needed to keep it running, from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software.

Without the ability to integrate with your third-party systems, you add manual tasks to the job and risk the chance of human error. If your document automation software can integrate with your third-party tools, you won’t risk having any gaps in the process and will be left with a fully automated solution that helps your business function at its highest possible levels.

Push Notifications 

One benefit of document creation software is the ability to notify employees of impending deadlines. If a task needs to be completed, document workflow automation software will send a push notification reminder to ensure the task gets done or sent to the customer on time.

This ensures that business runs as usual and that all documents get where they need to be in a timely manner.

Scalability to Change with Your Company 

You don’t want a system that’s just going to fit your current needs, you want one that will grow with your growing company and adapt to your changing needs.

Look for a document generation tool that will adjust to your company’s growth and support the need for an increase in demand, without having to pay more for it.

Reaping the Benefits of Document Workflow Automation 

Large companies are faced with producing thousands of documents on a daily basis, from business documents to presentations and email communications. By manually creating these documents repetitively, employees are wasting time doing this rather than focusing their efforts on more critical tasks.

Document automation software takes the grunt work out of creating and managing these documents by providing a single source for all document templates and logos, so they can be quickly accessed and provided to the customer. This level of service makes customers happy and leaves your employees with more time to focus on other areas of the business.

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