APRIL 17, 2018 – Ecrion Software, in association with Cognity, is pleased to announce the successful implementation of a major printing management project for Groupama Asfalistiki, an insurance company in Greece. Groupama insures more than six million customers across 11 countries worldwide. With this project, Groupama has achieved its goals for cost reduction, comprehensive process automation, and increased flexibility in designing and printing personalized documents for its customers.

Working with Groupama to meet its advanced and specific needs, Cognity chose Ecrion Converse, the best-of-breed, next generation customer communications and engagement solution. Using Ecrion Converse, the first phase of the project created the core infrastructure and new processes for printing and customer communications management (CCM) and brought results from the first day of operation.

“We started this project with a strategy to reduce our operating costs and at the same time make a difference in Customer Experience,” said Athanasios Papathanasiou, CIO of Groupama Asfalistiki. “We chose the innovative solution of (Ecrion) Converse … for the implementation of the project. We had an excellent collaboration and we did a successful project in an aggressive timeline. The reduction in operating costs is estimated at 33 percent.”

Cognity is working with Groupama on implementing the second phase of the project, during which Ecrion Converse will cover a multitude of new, complex, and interactive documents, as well as new CCM processes and channels (web, email, and SMS), upgrading the multinational insurance company’s customer experience.

Ecrion is represented by Cognity for Greece and the region. Ecrion produces innovative customer communications and engagement solutions for organizations that want to create authentic, personalized, 1-to-1 communications with their customers across multiple channels. Ecrion Converse is a modern, extensible, and powerful platform that supports enterprise-scale on-demand, batch, and interactive communications.

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