Ecrion Platform

We have combined our most powerful software and services to create distinct solutions for different needs while striving to improve customer communication and engagement. These solutions are Ecrion Develop for Systems Integrators and Developers, Ecrion Converse for Marketers and Ecrion Engage for Strategists and Executives.

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Ecrion Design Studio

The Ecrion Design Studio comes with the Ecrion Platform and provides advanced functionality that allows you to create both traditional documents and fully interactive communications. Built for business and technical users alike, business users can work in a familiar environment and use their domain knowledge to design reports and interactive BI dashboards. At the same time, technical users can have full access to the underlying model and are able to include complex conditional logic and calculations.


Features Include:

  • 100% dynamic document layout template creator
  • drag and drop and text/code editing
  • conditional logic and formatting support
  • repeating sections, dynamic barcodes, charts, maps, and graphs
  • multi-language support
  • standalone design application that can be used to export XSL and XSL-FO

Learn more about the Ecrion Design Studio (EDS) here.