[PRESS RELEASE] End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement – March 2018 – Migration Benefits

End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement – March 2018 – Migration Benefits

On March 1st, 2018, Ecrion announced the End-of-Sale and End-of-Life support for several Ecrion products. These solutions had a strong run, some of them for more than a decade. The latest solutions from Ecrion tackle the modern security and architectural challenges of working in the cloud and make it a worthwhile landing point for businesses running previous products.

Customers are encouraged to migrate to Ecrion Develop or Ecrion Converse. Information about these products can be found on the Ecrion platform page.

What can you expect with the new suite of Ecrion products? There’s actually quite a bit. Ecrion has expended a great deal of energy and innovation on the new suite of products. Rather than break down the full list of new features here, we have compiled just a few of the benefits of migrating to the latest solutions. For a complete list of the rich features the new Ecrion software provides, please contact your client executive to schedule a conversation.

Reduce costs and implement auto-scaling

The latest Ecrion solutions can be deployed on-premise, in the Ecrion cloud, in your private cloud, or any hybrid combination. The new solutions also provide customers with the option to deploy in the cloud in an elastic fashion so they can scale as needed. Template design costs are also streamlined.

Intelligent, hands-free failover

The latest Ecrion solution has support for High-Availability deployments that eliminate a single point of failure. Recovery in case of hardware or software failures can take place without intervention from IT. In addition, the system can distribute the load between various nodes and produce more documents without idle hardware.

Modern user interface

One particularly anticipated change coming to the new suite of products is the new HTML5-based user interface for the web client. This results in an easier to navigate and more user-friendly application, designed to put time back in the hands of administrators and manage everything in a single place.

Enhanced security and monitoring

In our latest suite of products, administrators manage encryption of the document repository, control access using role-based security, implement Single Sign-On policies and configure audit options. Monitoring options include the ability to define alerts and use enhanced performance dashboards.

Start executing your upgrade strategy

Ecrion has defined a blueprint for migrating to the new solution that starts with performing an analysis of the customer’s environments in order to properly scope the resources to support a migration. We work with our customers to ensure that the net result after migration is 100 percent backwards compatible with existing integrations, while adding the flexibility and features needed for modern customer communications.

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