Enterprise CCM: Customer Communications Management Isn’t a Maybe, It’s a Must

enterprise ccm

Discover how to create customer loyalty and a better customer experience in competitive industries with customer communications management (enterprise CCM).

How do you communicate with someone important to you?

Are you likely to send them disparate messages, go weeks in between conversations or neglect them when they reach out?

You wouldn’t treat an esteemed friend or family member this way. So, why would you use this approach with the clients who create the backbone of your enterprise?

Customer Communication Management (CCM) is a long term for a simple concept. In a nutshell, it’s the process of making sure the messages you send to your customers are congruent, complete and personalized.

Implementing an enterprise CCM solution within your organization means taking control of your brand voice, making sure it says what you want it to say.

Today, we’re delving into a few reasons why this resource shouldn’t be an optimal part of your outreach arsenal, but a mandatory one. Ready to learn more? Let’s take a look!

What Is Enterprise CCM?

Think of how many outbound messages your company sends on a regular basis.

You might think first of marketing materials and new product releases. Yet, also consider the more administrative documents, such as payment notifications and claims correspondence.

Chances are, you don’t use the same medium to deliver all of that documentation. Some you might send through email. Others you’ll submit via social media posts, SMS texts, your web pages and more.

This is because you have different audiences for each. The person reading your invoice might not need to receive your marketing slick, and vice versa. To this end, a CCM solution can prove invaluable.

Business leaders can use the platform to organize their outgoing communication. It helps them organize and optimize messages for customers, partners, distributors, and regulatory bodies.

CCM Improves Your CX Initiatives

The leading CCM solutions make it easier to send documents. But, they don’t stop there.

They also make it simple to transform text-based messages into interactive digital formats. This can make all the difference in your marketing and outreach efforts.

A PR release consisting of five paragraphs of text droning on about your new product? Imagine the difference if recipients could click on an image of the product instead, then learn five quick facts about its best features.

These tools also integrate with your customer journey mapping solutions, helping you deliver targeted and personalized messages that are as relevant as they are engaging. Once created, you can then distribute these messages to your customers on the channels of their choice. This helps make sure your message never ends up in the virtual trashcan.

The best part? You can design your communication to be consistent across channels, with a cohesive look and feel that’s unique to your brand.

Why does this matter?

Research shows that 95% of your customers 1 will interact with your brand across three different channels in a single service interaction. Moreover, 62% will use more than one device. It’s smart to make sure they’re getting the same experience every time.

It Builds Cross-Department Efficiency

Have you ever wanted to make a quick adjustment to a document but didn’t have the access to do so? With a CCM solution, authorized business leaders can create, edit and manage content themselves.

This means they don’t have to wait for an IT staff member to do the job for them.

The result? Organizational silos fall by the wayside. In the past, companies would designate different departments to handle specific client interactions. For instance, one might oversee email marketing while another handled print materials.

What followed was an inconsistent, disorganized, costly mess full of risks and potholes.

With a centralized CCM infrastructure, these messages are all in the same place. With the click of a button, you can make a change to one document and propagate it across the enterprise so everyone is looking at (and distributing) the same thing.

It Expedites Digital Transformation

Still working with outdated worksheets and brochures that you haven’t updated since Clinton was in office?

Especially if you’re in the government, utilities, insurance or financial services sphere, this might be the case. These industries tend to leverage complex legacy systems even today because they’re full of mission-critical data. 2

The only problem?

Besides the fact that these machines are clunky, slow and outdated, they’re also designed for printer output only. This means they’re incapable of sending digital messages to your customers, who are meanwhile embracing online messaging.

The good news? Most CCM systems will sync with these core systems. From there, you can translate these templates into the dynamic and feature-rich documents that your clients want to see.

It Aids in Compliance Efforts

It’s critical that your documents meet rigorous compliance and quality standards before you release them for public consumption.

While you might have an in-house review team in place, how easy is it for them to all get on the same page, literally and figuratively? With a CCM solution, all team members involved in this step can collaborate with ease.

You’ll all be working from the same version, tracking and organizing edits at every step. This helps relieve internal frustration and speeds the time-to-market.

It also provides a comprehensive, eagle-eye view of the entire communications package, giving reviewers access to every way your message will appear, whether that’s via text message, your website or a print copy.

This way, any edits made to one version can translate to the others. Catch a mistake in a print manual? You can fix it across the board, so the online version is also correct.

Implement a CCM Solution for Your Enterprise

Now that you know the benefits that a robust enterprise CCM solution can provide, are you ready to implement one across your enterprise?

By taking this step, you’ll help ensure that everything your company sends out, from letters and invoices to fact sheets and emails, represents your brand in a cohesive and professional way.

Along the way, you’ll create documents that are interactive, compelling and indicative of your position as an industry thought leader.

Ready to see the results for yourself? We can get you there.

We offer a comprehensive CCM platform that excels in terms of personalization, delivery, automation, and engagement. Request a demo today and improve your corporate communications from the inside out.

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