Digital Experience and Outstanding Engagement

The top of the line EOS-CEM solution is all about engagement. In today's competitive business environment, enterprises are having a hard time in making their products and services stand out. Engaging customers in fresh and interesting ways is high on the list on many technical executives agenda.

Ecrion provides DXD (Digital Experience Documents) technology at the core of EOS-CEM. It helps decision makers create better connections with their customers through the following features:

  • Tracking Customer Interactions
  • Micro-Analytics
  • Engagement Campaigns

Customer intelligence drives engagement. You cannot engage properly without prior customer intelligence analytics. Flip the switch to change the level of features you want to use - you don't have to reinstall.

Tracking Customer Interactions

Previous document generation platforms were able to generate only PDF, HTML and print output. While those formats still constitute the bulk of documents produced in EOS, many corporate customers are starting to adopt DXD documents as a more engaging way of delivering the information their customers need.