Fostering The Customer Connection: What Can Make Or Break Communication With Customers


As business continues to grow and change, so too does the landscape of how to reach your customers effectively. There are a lot of strategies you can apply to be sure you are attracting customers and relating to them in a way that is productive for your entire business.

This is the foundation on which your business is built, so you can never learn too much.

Read on to learn more about creating the customer connection that will earn you new business and create customers for life.

How to Foster the Customer Connection

For instance, did you know that a whopping 70 percent of customers say that they stopped doing business with a company because it had poor customer service?

This lets you know that today’s customer especially demands nothing but the best in customer service. People have more options than ever thanks to the internet, so it’s up to you to create a connection with them that matters.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Make Authenticity Your Company’s North Star

Technology has made it so that a lot of everyday business we conduct veers toward impersonal and often not involving a human being. Because of this, it’s easy to become habitually transactional about the way you conduct business.

Scratch that thought process and make authenticity your company’s biggest customer service goal. This immediately makes you stand out from companies that are only focused on analytics and hitting their numbers.

In the spirit of authenticity, don’t just stop communicating with a customer after you’ve gotten the sale. Instead, follow up with them and provide post-sale customer service when necessary — even if you don’t get paid a dime.

Customers need to know for a fact that when they do business with you, their purchase buys them satisfaction at every phase and until the job is done correctly and completely.

Treat each customer interaction as a case by case matter, and always do what you can to create a personal connection.

2. Hire the Help of Professionals That Understand Public Relations, Marketing, and Branding

Know when to lean on the assistance of companies whose sole purpose is to communicate with the public.

Not only do these companies know the strategies for reaching more customers, they understand the psychology involved with accurately communicating your messages. These marketing and branding companies will put your company on track to creating a tone that is consistent across all forms of media.

3. Have a Consistent and Transparent Online Presence

Today’s customer is constantly bombarded with information, so you’ll need to make sure that yours stands out. Put information out consistently and across several outlets, but make sure that the quality of this content is every bit as consistent.

Putting out guest blogs not only helps you to cross-promote but also gets your voice out among new and different platforms. You would also do well to put out video content or to even helm a Youtube channel.

Embrace every form of social media that makes sense for your company, and grow your online presence one piece of content at a time.

4. Respond to Customer Problems and Concerns Head-on to Solve the Issue

Since transparency builds long-term relationships with your customers, make sure to address each and every customer problem with your full attention and consideration.

They don’t expect you to be perfect, they just need you to own mistakes and fix issues when they come along. As such, address every issue quickly and head-on, so your customers know that you are taking the matter serious, that you plan to resolve it, and that you will keep them updated every step of the way.

5. Play the Infinite Game

The best way to do right by your customers is to play what author Simon Sinek calls an Infinite game.

What this means is that your company lives by its own personal mission statement of providing a service or fulfilling a need in a way that impacts lives for the foreseeable future.

When your company thinks in these terms, ebbs, and flows of business are to be expected. This long-term approach keeps you from panicking or making short-sighted decisions and will help you instead make decisions that always have the good of the customer base in mind.

This quality-first approach sharpens your company’s ethics, which inspires customer loyalty and makes them gladly spend more money with you as opposed to another company, out of a sense of principle.

6. Make Use of Analytics

Though your customer approach should always be rooted in qualitative relationship-building, don’t write science off either. Using analytics shows you raw data on your customer’s demographics, needs, and trends, while also giving undeniable evidence about what is working and what isn’t working.

Once you have access to the data, you can then begin creating communication strategies that are more effective, and with far less time and effort wasted.

Create Lasting Impressions With Your Customers

As you can see, the customer connection that you create and sustain is always your company’s most valuable asset.

When you have a strong relationship with your customers, your company stands a better chance of thriving for years to come. This is a constant conversation, and the tips above will help you hone it.

To get help with any sort of customer communication, you can look no further than the solutions that we’ve been providing companies for years.

If your company needs help with its customer engagement, contact us to learn about the products we offer.

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