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Healthcare Correspondence for Patient-Centered Care

Healthcare Communications for Better Patient Outcomes

Among Picker’s Eight Principles of Patient-Centered Care stands a mandate for “clear information, communication, and support for self-care.” Improving patient experience requires providers to communicate with individuals in the manner they prefer. Many patients expect the same 24×7, available anywhere, on any device access to healthcare information that their insurance, banking, utility, and other service providers offer. Meanwhile, communication preferences vary from one individual to the next. Some patients prefer formal correspondence, while others, if given the option, request an informal tone. Younger generations favor email and SMS, while many prefer a combination of electronic and print communications. Cultural and technological changes, as well as an increased focus on the patient experience, require a fresh approach to healthcare communications.

Medical and dental providers worldwide leverage healthcare communication software by Ecrion to improve the patient’s experience, ensure proper care, and improve their CAHPS survey results. Ecrion provides patient communication solutions that onboard new patients, create homecare instruction letters, and automate other patient correspondence. Statements, collections, and associated correspondence delivered via the patient’s preferred channel improves the patient experience and lowers both print and postal costs.

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Patient Onboarding

Present new patients with online forms to capture personal data, medical history, insurance information, and to confirm identity. Display forms on the patient’s device or computer, or in-office tablets. Dispatch welcome letters and appointment reminders via the patient’s preferred mode (print, electronic). Establish pre-defined touchpoints for new patients and monitor their healthcare journey to ensure proper care.

Home Care Instructions

Leverage pre-defined templates to reduce manual data entry and errors. Provide clear, concise and individualized instructions for both patients and their caregivers. Present healthcare communications in print and/or electronic channels (including email, interactive PDF, SMS) for improved compliance. Empower patients with the self-care information they need to achieve better health outcomes.

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Patient Correspondence

Communicate with patients how they want, where they want, and when they want for improved self-care compliance. Create powerful correspondence in their language of choice and using the tone (formal, informal) they prefer. Send healthcare communications in the mode(s) individual patients select (mail, email, PDF, html, and SMS to name a few). Provide interactive documents and forms that engage patients in their own care.

Patient Records

Create and maintain patient records leveraging digital forms presented to users on any available device. Generate, store and distribute healthcare documents on demand and via one or more physical or electronic channels. Produce restricted versions of healthcare records with redacted fields when patient privacy requires. Coordinate care in the best interest of the patient while ensuring proper levels of privacy.

healthcare communications patient records illustration
healthcare-communications bills and collection correspondence illustration

Bills and Collection Correspondence

Generate accurate and meaningful statements, bills, and related correspondence for patients. Send communications in the language, mode (print or electronic), tone, and even template selected by each individual. Provide clarity by embedding customized statement explanations and walk-throughs for each patient. Include individualized messages based on educational campaigns, appointment dates, demographics or other defined criteria.

Ecrion Enables Better Healthcare Communications

Medical and dental practices worldwide leverage healthcare communications software by Ecrion to enhance their patient experience, reduce operating costs, and control the inherent risks associated with high volume and on-demand patient communication. Thousands of organizations across a broad range of industries use Ecrion software to ensure compliance with corporate branding and regulatory standards while establishing genuine connections with their customers—one at a time.

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