High Volume Document Production

Generate personalized communications at scale


Scalable, Reliable and Error-Free Document Production

High Speed Dynamic Document Creation

Mission-critical systems and processes across all industries require reliable document production that instantly scales as business needs dictate. Insurance providers must generate policy and claim forms 24×7 upon policyholder request. Utilities and Telecommunications providers require rapid rendering of bulk monthly invoices along with on-demand account management forms. Customers demand Banks and Wealth Management firms generate large volumes of monthly and annual statements—on-time and error-free. Airlines require immediate and 100% dependable production of flight plan documents.

Ecrion powers the demanding document automation processes of the top competitors in each of these industries.  Document production is one of several critical components of our modular document automation software, which includes template design, document production, assembly and distribution.

Business users, without costly IT involvement, first create document templates and workflows leveraging Ecrion’s intuitive visual design tool. Ecrion’s software then aggregates and transforms data from one or more sources, either on-demand or in pre-scheduled batch runs. Potential data sources include packaged or proprietary business applications, customer portals, databases and XML streams. If required, users leverage an embedded form to compose personalized correspondence before rendering. Ecrion maps the complete data to one or more defined templates, then creates and distributes communications in a variety of document, email and/or mobile formats.

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Reliability Built-In

Leverage Ecrion’s document generation capabilities to meet the unexpected, and consistently deliver high-quality, high-volume correspondences day after day. Consult with Ecrion experts to exceed internal expectations and engage customers with personalized, accurate, and context-appropriate communications in real-time. Leverage your document production solution to build a reliable customer experience.

Built for Performance

Implement the document production industry’s most scalable solution, built to render large and complex documents while also supporting extremely high-volume generation requirements. Join the leaders in dozens of demanding industries, some of whom produce hundreds of millions of communications each year. Design and automate documents that contain a single line of text, or one thousand pages or more.

High-Volume Assembly

Render documents based on data gathered from a single or variety of sources and use document assembly to combine them with other documents and assets and generate complete packages. Sample use cases include contracts, policies, new account packets, and welcome packages. Finalize the assembly of those sets and distribute them to print, PDF files, email, SMS and more.

Intuitive Yet Powerful Template Designer

Maintain all company document templates and assets (including logos, graphics, sub-documents, and more) in a single place to ensure consistent application across all communications. Reduce the number of templates as well as the time and cost required to manage them. Endow business users with an intuitive interface to build and modify templates, eliminating the need for IT development.

Scalable to Meet Changing Needs

Adjust to spikes in demand such as batch runs of monthly invoices, annual production of employee tax documents, or quarterly printing of rebate checks to customers. Build a document factory 1 to support seasonal demand without the cost of maintaining it year-round. Invest in a solution that supports today’s requirements but will scale as needs dictate.

Ecrion Enables Stronger Customer Connections

Organizations worldwide leverage document production software by Ecrion to enhance their customer experience, reduce operating costs, and control the inherent risks associated with high volume document automation. Thousands of companies across a broad range of industries ensure compliance with corporate branding and legal standards while establishing genuine connections with their customers—one at a time.

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