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Ecrion Develop Server

Next-Generation Document Production at Scale

Ecrion Develop provides a full set of features to support system integrators and software engineers in building systems that need complex and reliable document production capabilities. Our server CCM software provides real-time production capabilities on-premise or in the cloud for many critical systems in aviation, government, insurance, and other demanding environments. Besides production, this includes high volume document automation and assembly, security and encryption. With proven capabilities to quickly integrate our platform with just a few lines of code, Ecrion Develop lets you spend your development time on product improvements and ship them faster.

high volume document production

• Produce, store, and deliver business-critical documents right from your application.

• System integrators and developers all over the world rely on Ecrion Develop Server to produce and distribute millions of documents per day, from any data.

• Future-proof your solution by using a platform designed for the needs of today’s customers with flexibility and features to support tomorrow’s needs.

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Ecrion Studio

Visual Design Across Channels

The Ecrion Studio provides advanced, WYSIWYG design functionality to create both traditional documents and modern, fully interactive communications while providing a comprehensive design model — from raw data to presentation.

• Design complex document templates, email communications, and SMS/text messaging in a familiar, Office-style environment.

• Business users and software developers alike can use simple drag-and-drop operations in Ecrion Studio to build the types of documents their businesses require faster and on-budget.

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Improved Compliance

Ensure compliance with multiple standards while avoiding being locked in a proprietary solution. With documentation and samples readily accessible, public standards make development easier.

• Public standards level the playing field for vendors who are forced to compete on equal footing. Complying with any applicable public standards has become increasingly important in recent years for many software developers and system integrators in order to ensure that crucial features and capabilities are not overlooked.

• In addition to being properly documented, with many samples from which to choose, public standards also reduce dependency on a specific vendor while providing software developers the option to switch to a different platform in the future.

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Utilize a purpose-built platform for developers that provides a full set of features to support building systems that need complex and reliable document production capabilities, including high-volume document production, automation and assembly, security and encryption.

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