“Less is More” When It Comes to Implementing a CCM Solution

implementing a ccm solution

Your company generates a lot of documents. A LOT of documents. Quite possibly millions of documents. On the one hand, that’s a good thing because it means you have customers. On the other hand, well, more customers means more documents. The amount of time and money your company pours into dealing with these different types of documents can be quite a drain. Fortunately, implementing a CCM solution will help your business succeed, if you pick the right one.

What is Customer Communications Management? An end-to-end CCM solution gives your company the ability to create, generate, and deliver many different types of personalized documents — millions of copies per day in dozens of different formats — via all possible electronic and traditional mediums … using just one single platform. Think about it, one platform that compiles all of your customers’ data and creates personalized communications for each one.

In the past, your company might have thought it needed a lot of different pieces in order to have any semblance of decent customer communications. It’s time to shed that mentality and go with a “less is more” approach to implementing a CCM solution.

Less time and money, more efficiency

Without solid CCM – or Customer Communications Management – software, businesses have two paths for customer communications: generic or painstaking.

implementing a ccm solution

Going down the generic path, companies use one or two templates to create documents for all of its customers. No customer is unique, except maybe they have different customer ID numbers. Customers receive plain, bland communications that might or might not have anything to do with their interests. They receive it because all of the company’s customers receive it. Most times, communications like these end up in the trash can, so by “saving money” going the generic route, these companies actually end up wasting money by not using targeted communications.

Then there’s the painstaking path, or the one companies use when they have six, seven, eight or more different programs pulling customer information from just as many different locations. The painstaking approach also typically involves several people in the IT department working with several people in the marketing department, who in turn are working with several people in the sales department, to come up with what is actually going to be sent out to their customers, but since there’s no true approval process, there’s really no telling if the right information goes out to the right customer.

By implementing a CCM solution, your company is able to improve its outbound communications workflow while saving time and reducing costs. Reducing production times and cost, avoiding errors, minimizing compliance issues, streamlining the process, and optimizing the customer communications workflow are just a few of the benefits of implementing a CCM.

Joining all of the aspects involved in the design, production, and delivery of professional documents into one single, easy to use platform lets your company worry less about the technical aspects involved in the process, and focus more on delivering a great customer experience.

Less blend correspondence, more interactive communications

By implementing a CCM solution, your company can create one intelligent document that engages your audience via an omnichannel experience.

implementing a ccm solution

The right CCM solution not only solves the technical aspects related to document production and management, but makes it possible for each customer to get the right information — tailored to their preferences — at the right time.

Creating highly customizable, interactive, smart documents that incorporate and centralize information retrieved from several sources, into one intelligent document, based on each customer’s specific needs, is an integral part of today’s customer experience.

Programmed to offer a different individual experience to each receiver, these living documents allow customers to choose the information they want to see, the way they want to see it, in real time, across different devices and communication channels. Just imagine a document you can interact with, that has the same functions of a web page can have. One attractive sheet in which you can incorporate, or link to, all sorts of text/audio/video content that your customers get to interact with the way they want.

Less effort, more satisfaction

The customer service and communication experience often make the difference when choosing, or being happy with, a service or company. Today’s customer expectations are higher than ever, but still the majority of users are not satisfied with the way they are addressed.

According to the Customer Experience Index by Forrester Research, 75 percent of the companies surveyed want to improve their customer experience1.

Ensuring a consistent corporate image by engaging your customers on all communication levels will not only help you succeed in offering customer communication excellence with less effort, but also receive insightful analysis based on your data and your customers’ interaction with it.

Choose the Smart Path for Implementing a CCM Solution

The goal of Customer Communications Management is to optimize the way organizations communicate with their customers.

At Ecrion, our mission is to make sure companies just like yours succeed in the customer communications space. If your company provides a great customer experience, your customers are more like to stay with you and recommend your services to their family and friends. All it takes is the right software.

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