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Companies that wish to stand out from their competition, don’t just tell their customers what they do for them — they show it by using the best breed of customer-facing documents. Interactive bills and statements take communications to the next level: more informative, versatile, and easier to navigate than any ordinary PDF or Word document. Ecrion interactive documents are channel-neutral, so customers can start viewing a digital document on one device, then view on another wherever you left off. This is an invaluable tool for any business wanting to transcend boundaries. With a smart layout, drill-down, and slice-and-dice options, customers can make more informed decisions about their accounts.

Key Elements in Interactive Documents

Traditional documents are limited in delivering a truly engaging user experience. For instance, standard PDFs only accommodate basic interactivity, such as the ability to submit forms, or show/hide certain content according to user input. A more robust experience is based on a complex interactive document solution that delivers true interactivity and self-service capabilities without the need to install a PDF reader. Unlike standard PDF, interactive PDF gives users more interactive elements. Here are some examples:

Benefits of Using Interactive Document Solutions

These days, people are more attracted to visual content than written materials. By using interactive document solutions, the customer’s level of engagement can be enhanced. This contrasts with standard PDF, which provides minimal multimedia elements and lacks interactivity.

Additionally, it enables organizations to identify the customer’s touchpoint and create customer experience solutions based on their predicted behaviors. Providing a memorable user experience is essential for acquiring customers, but there are many other benefits to using these documents!

1. Documents Are More Informative

Standard PDFs offer the most straightforward format for sharing digital materials such as contracts and portfolios, but they are limited in the information they can offer. Interactive documents, on the other hand, accommodate multiple types of complex data in a single communication that provides the customer with extensive information that is easy to navigate.

2. Communications Are More Convenient for the Customer

Interactive documents are extremely convenient for customers because they offer far more extensive data than standard formats, all while saving a lot of time in interpreting this data. Interactive formats deliver the essential information to the customers directly, without them having to navigate through the entire document to get to it. Try out the live samples below to explore the features!

Know your documents - Part 3 - INTERACTIVE - Infographic Cover
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3. Customer Interactivity Is Increased

When creating business content, the chosen type of formatting ultimately determines the level of interactivity. By using interactive documents, organizations can provide their prospects with more engaging and informative content and actively increase their interactivity with the documents. Fillable forms are also available to learn more about customer needs and adapt communications to fit them.

4. Visual Content Sparks Customer Attention

With interactive document software, engaging visual content can be added to traditional documents. By embedding picture galleries, navigational buttons, and video files in the text, the documents will immediately capture the customer’s attention and boost the engagement rate significantly. A simple invoice can easily become an informative piece of data with Ecrion’s solution.

5. Documents Have a Professional Look

All business communications must have a professional look. Even transactional documents such as invoices or contracts must relay a high level of professionalism and technological innovation. With interactive document solutions, companies can turn traditional communications into brand statements by adding rich media, extensive customer data, stylish buttons, and calls to action.

6. Conversion and Retention Rates Are Increased

Interactive PDfs create a superior customer experience, which significantly increases customer satisfaction and with it, conversion rates. Satisfied customers are far more likely to buy and then to buy again. Satisfaction comes from meeting the customer’s needs and Ecrion’s solution create a feedback document life-cycle that accommodates customers to state their concerns and requests.

what are dynamic interactive documents- multiple pages cover

What Are Dynamic, Interactive Documents?

When documents connect with your data systems, it opens up a new plane of interactivity between you and your customers. Dynamic documents leverage this in every way, giving you the ability to deliver communications according to all of their needs and preferences.

7. Makes a Good Impression to New Customers

Including interactive documents in communications with new clients will further help businesses increase conversion levels. Instead of treating new prospects as a sales point, campaigns can be focused on creating interactions and offering value. Good relationships with prospects will eventually turn them into long-term customers.

8. Customers Feel Heard

Customers can use interactive documents to air their complaints and views about the company. By providing them with the means to voice their concerns, their level of trust in the organization increases. Moreover, the information gathered provides business owners with direct feedback from customers, enabling them to maintain their brand reputation without causing public indignation.

9. Creates a Memorable Experience

By providing exceptional customer experiences to their current customers, organizations also attract new customers. Word of mouth is as powerful as ever, and pleased customers spread the word to their peers when they receive memorable service. Interactive PDFs enable companies to stand out by taking traditional communications to the next level to make an impression.

10. Boosts Marketing Campaigns

Interactive documents help businesses extract essential information about the customer journey, which ultimately helps them gain a thorough understanding of client needs and expectations. Organizations no longer need to guess what their customers want. They can develop marketing campaigns based on facts rather than predictions, which generates more leads.

Interactive Document Examples - Live Samples

Take a closer look at Ecrion’s interactive documents by exploring the following samples. Click to see how cutting-edge technology can take transactional communications to the next level! For more examples, visit the Ecrion sample library!

Portfolio Analysis Sample

Portfolio Analysis

See how this interactive portfolio analysis report allows customers to drill-down, sort, and filter their data in real time. PDF can be generated at any time.

Smart Explanation of Benefits Sample

Explanation of Benefits

This digital Explanation of Benefits, adapts to mobile, tablet, or PC devices. It empowers customers by providing self-services abilities and reduces call center workload.

Smart Telephone Invoice Sample

Telephone Invoice

Your billing can become an important revenue stream. This document uses a digital marketing campaign to display the ad most relevant to the customer viewing it.

Adventure Works Sales Sample

Adventure Works Sales

In this example, Adventure Works gives a fully comprehensive, vertical business report. Different features are used to plot the digital elements from maps, graphs, and other charts.

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