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Interactive PDF can be the first step in meeting your customer expectations, however they are limited in delivering a truly engaging user experience. PDFs can accommodate just basic interactivity, such as the ability to submit forms, or show/hide some content according to user input. The next step is to use modern web-browser features and a Customer Communications Management / CCM platform to deliver true interactivity and self service capabilities without the need to install a PDF reader.

Interactive bills and statements take your communications to the next level: more informative, versatile, and easier to navigate than any ordinary PDF or Word document. Ecrion interactive documents are channel-neutral, so you can start viewing a digital document on one device, then view on another wherever you left off. This is an invaluable tool for any business wanting to transcend boundaries. With a smart layout, drill-down, and slice-and-dice options, customers can make more informed decisions about their accounts. Use these features to reward your best customers and strengthen relationships.

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Improve Engagement

Allow your customers to receive what they want, when they want it, and what channel they wish to receive it. This level of personalization can be plugged into your current ecosystem and will build customer engagement and satisfaction.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

No one wants to feel like a number, and if your organization’s documents are plain, uniform, and have very little to do with your customers, their overall customer experience suffers. With interactive documents, your customers receive information pertinent to them the way they want it.

Stronger Customer Relationships

Interactive PDF or Ecrion Interactive documents can help you develop stronger customer relationships by proactively reaching out to customers with empathy, based on their needs. Personalized messaging can make customers feel special, especially when delivered in unexpected ways.

Live Samples

Portfolio Analysis

See how this interactive portfolio analysis report allows customers to drill-down, sort, and filter their data in real time. PDF can be generated at any time.

Explanation of Benefits

This digital Explanation of Benefits, adapts to mobile, tablet, or PC devices. It empowers customers by providing self-services abilities and reduces call center workload.

Telephone Invoice

Your billing can become an important revenue stream. This document uses a digital marketing campaign to display the ad most relevant to the customer viewing it.

Adventure Works Sales

In this example, Adventure Works gives a fully comprehensive, vertical business report. Different features are used to plot the digital elements from maps, graphs, and other charts.

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What Are Dynamic, Interactive Documents?

When documents connect with your data systems, it opens up a new plane of interactivity between you and your customers. Dynamic documents leverage this in every way, giving you the ability to deliver communications according to all of their needs and preferences.

Next-Generation Customer Engagement

Deliver personal and relevant communications across print and digital media channels that are engaging and scalable. Leverage your existing infrastructure investment to deliver a consistent brand experience across the different touchpoints that can build trust and boost loyalty over the entire customer lifecycle.

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