Executive Leadership

Florin Vasilian

Florin Vasilian

Chief Executive Officer

Seeing his primary role as an innovation enabler, Florin founded Ecrion Software in 2002. In the past 17 years, Ecrion has grown into a worldwide leader in customer communications management software. As CEO of Ecrion, Florin understands that, because our industry is constantly evolving, innovation must happen at an accelerated rate. Because of this, we live by these words: Good is not only good. Good is fast.

With more than 25 years of experience, Florin has developed and architected software for both the telecom (Arbros Communications in Bethesda, MD) and finance (Thomson Reuters) industries. Over the years, one of the biggest lessons Florin has learned is what it means to be responsible for software that affects other people’s lives. For Florin, reliability, scalability, and fault tolerance are qualities dear to his heart, and are core values for all the enterprise systems we build.

In his limited time away from the office, Florin enjoys sports, which has always been a part of his life. He is currently into Olympic weightlifting, a technical sport that requires significant technique in addition to strength and mobility.

Jeffrey Sinofsky

Jeffrey Sinofsky

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff is no stranger to the software space. For more than 25 years, Jeff has built and managed operational-based organizations worldwide, including: operations; professional services; customer support; pre-sales; and sales. He also has experience in payment processing, learning management/human capital management, customer relationship management, and professional license management.

As COO for Ecrion, Jeff is responsible for all of Ecrion’s corporate operations, which include: internal corporate operations; pre-sales; cloud solution operations; technical support; professional services; and technical writing.

Prior to joining Ecrion, Jeff held a variety of positions assisting companies with building and growing their external-facing customer organizations. He was instrumental in creating a repeatable process which allowed these organizations to drive revenue in a more profitable manner. As a result, this provided a standard customer experience, which created higher customer satisfaction. Jeff also has experience working with commercial and public sector customers crossing a variety of industries, such as banking, insurance, consumer goods, military and civilian government, and others.

In his free time, Jeff loves spending time on the water. He’s an avid boater and fisherman, including offshore game fish. He spends a lot of time attending NFL and MLB games, as well as watching his son compete in sporting events.

Craig T Watkins

Craig T. Watkins

Chief Revenue Officer

As CRO, Craig leads a highly talented team responsible for all of Ecrion’s revenue-generating activities. Craig helps to develop and execute global go-to-market strategies that bring new customers on board, proactively manages Ecrion’s customers’ success, and increases business development activities through a broad range of channels.

With more than 20 years of experience under his belt, Craig started out as a night shift supervisor in a plastics manufacturing plant. After that, Craig went on to work for two enterprise software startups, where he was instrumental in implementation project management, sales engineering, product management and marketing, channel and direct sales.

He went on to work in customer success in the IT infrastructure industry, which included colocation, cloud, hosting, security, and backup and disaster recovery. Craig built a 75-person global organization from the ground up to support 4,000 enterprise customers and $1B in revenue. What began as a 14-person start-up became part of a Fortune 20 company after two acquisitions.

Since coming to Ecrion, Craig implemented new procedures to increase customer engagement and focus the organization on Ecrion’s customers’ desired outcomes, which led to more than a 100 percent increase in additional sales to existing customers within the first year.

Craig enjoys the outdoors when he’s not in the office, and spends his time hiking, camping, and backpacking. He and a friend mark off each of the 500+ miles of trails in the Shenandoah National Park on their topographical maps as they hike them. To date, they’re about 75 percent done.

Zach Gossin

Zach Gossin

Vice President of Sales

While Zach has only been with Ecrion for a little more than a year, his value to the company has been immeasurable. As VP of Sales, Zach is responsible for all activities surrounding the growth of Ecrion’s “net new” customer acquisitions. This ranges in scope from strategic planning and managing prospects’ expectations to ultimately ensuring delivery on Ecrion’s sales objectives.

Zach has been in sales for 13 years, starting off as a sales development representative (SDR), and has held various roles in enterprise sales and sales management. Prior to joining Ecrion, Zach led demand generation and sales efforts for an event marketing software company.

Over the course of his career, Zach has earned several President’s Club awards. In addition, he was named “Highest Selling Rep” and “Sales Representative of the Year” on separate occasions.

When he’s not manning the phones talking with new customers, Zach can be found spending time with his wife and five children. Family is very important for Zach. That being said, he’s also a huge sports fan (he’s a diehard Washington Capitals, Nationals, and Redskins fan) and an avid, albeit poor, golfer.