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We all see ourselves as unique individuals and want to be treated as such. The ability to use mail merge to produce personalized documents is therefore a key capability for any organization. It should come as no surprise that personalized communications have been found to be key in winning customer’s hearts and minds. When you treat your customers as people and not a number, each and every one is more inclined to continue to do business with you. By creating personalized communications, you keep your customers happy, making retention easier.

personalized communications

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Companies are constantly looking for better ways to create and deliver the documents their customers need. Ecrion mail merge capabilities provide the versatility needed to present complex information from multiple data sources across the enterprise.

Expand Your Audience

Personalization must take into consideration the demographics of the target audience. For example, most millennials prefer self-service and digital interactions while, at the other end of the spectrum, some Baby Boomers prefer print. The Ecrion solution allows organizations to use mail merge in the creation of both traditional and more modern documents and then deliver them omnichannel.

Support Multiple Languages

Supporting multiple languages can expand your target audience and increase revenue. In some cases, multi-language capabilities are required to meet regulations. Whether driven by market, compliance regulations, or customer preferences, With Ecrion, mail merge can be performed automatically in the language that’s best suited to each individual customer.

Live Samples

Purchase Order Letter Sample Thumbnail

Purchase Order Letter

Here is an example of a purchase order letter that previews the live user input along with transactional data retrieved from back-end data systems.

Insurance Policy Sample Thumbnail

Insurance Policy

Reduce the complexity of filing a digital insurance policy, and speed up the process with lookup fields and conditional content.

Legal Contract Sample Thumbnail

Legal Contract

You can import PDF and Word documents to populate them more quickly as shown in this legal contract, for example.

Marketing Newsletter Sample Thumbnail

Marketing Newsletter

Marketing professionals can quickly create print-quality marketing correspondence and distribute across channels with a click of the mouse.

Next-Generation Customer Engagement

Deliver personal and relevant communications across print and digital media channels that are engaging and scalable. Leverage your existing infrastructure investment to deliver a consistent brand experience across the different touchpoints that can build trust and boost loyalty over the entire customer lifecycle. Learn More