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Enterprise-Class Production of Complex Documents

The business applications you’re currently using are not doing a good enough job generating documents and reports, so you’re forced to limp along with Crystal Reports, FOP, or home-grown solutions. Ecrion provides what your users demand: highly scalable, enterprise-class document rendering, complex business rules and workflow support, print stream management, and omnichannel distribution.

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Provide what your users demand: highly scalable, enterprise-class document rendering, complex business rules and workflow support, print stream management, and omnichannel distribution.

Customer Spotlight

Reliance Steel and Aluminum

As they were looking to replace their homegrown invoicing system, Reliance Steel and Aluminum reached out to Ecrion for assistance. Reliance ultimately implemented Ecrion in a High Availability (HA) configuration to support the production of more than 10,000 invoices per day, many of which are multiple pages, and frequently a bundle of multiple documents. Reliance also leveraged Ecrion’s ability to place different logos and branding on their invoices and include targeted marketing messages within the invoices without having to manage multiple templates.

Top Challenges for Manufacturing Organizations

Customer Spotlight

Johnson Controls International (JCI)

Johnson Controls International contracted Ecrion to help drive improvements in their sales-to-delivery processes. As their Sales team configures complicated HVAC solutions for prospective customers, the design sheet is created, and lives through the sales, manufacturing, and delivery cycles. This improves quality, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. JCI superusers easily create complex document templates with Ecrion Studio, a user-friendly design tool that enables business users to create and update document templates without tying up limited IT resources. Ecrion’s own template design specialists are also available to JCI if their needs exceed their in-house manpower.

Key Benefits of the Ecrion Platform for Manufacturing Organizations

Customer Spotlight


As Finland’s largest company, Nokia leverages Ecrion’s highly scalable enterprise-class document rendering capabilities to produce their customer-facing product documentation (Product Manuals, Operation Guides, Product Descriptions and Reference Materials). Data is extracted from their Vasont Content Management System, passed to the Ecrion solution for creation of PDF and HTML documents – some of which are several hundred pages long – and returned for printing and/or distribution. Nokia took advantage of Ecrion’s standards-based approach, including DITA, to achieve a rapid install and quick return on investment.

Why Choose Ecrion?

Managing Intricacies

The manufacturing industry is a world of ever-changing moving parts. For many manufacturing organizations, generating increasingly high volumes of appealing and accurate customer communications to keep relationships strong is an ongoing challenge. From creating complicated proposals and delivering product information in modern communication mediums, to producing varying kinds of documents, to satisfying vendor requests, manufacturing organizations the world over must anticipate all kinds of customer demands and be ready with the communications to effectively respond to them – all while keeping overhead low and reducing IT interaction.

Attention to Details

To effectively react to a global client base while managing the production of numerous goods and services and keeping vendor relationships strong, manufacturers are seeking cost-effective ways to generate many different kinds of engaging, appealing, and specific documents. From compiling complex bids and crafting detailed invoices to generating mass amounts of packing slips and product catalogs, effective CCM solutions help manufacturing organizations address industry specific challenges through features that make efficient, high-volume document production easy.

Efficient Document Production Solutions

Effective CCM solutions for manufacturing organizations provide an easy way to centralize the management of document production processes, making the generation of customer communications more intuitive while saving time and resources. The best platforms also include review and approval processes and visual design environments so users from a variety of backgrounds can create stunning customer communications with ease.

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Customer Spotlight


As VinFast, Vietnam’s new automotive company, was looking to spin up operations in their first manufacturing facility, they reached out to Ecrion to integrate our solution with their Manufacturing Execution System (SIMATIC IT MES) for the high-volume document production required during the manufacturing process. Ecrion’s solution generates VIN labels, build cards, quality cards, manifest documents and certificates, and manages the printing stream — routing documents to different printer queues based on business requirements. Ecrion Professional Services worked both on-site and remotely to assist VinFast with their three-week implementation, including a High-Availability configuration and complex formats, including multiple layouts, page sizes, and barcodes.

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