Rockville, MD, USA - July 13, 2012

The XF Rendering Server 2012 has been updated!  It now comes with hundreds of new features, including speaker notes in PPTX Output, a spreads-span extension allowing for elements to carry across multiple pages, and the ability to reuse image resources for AFP output. As well, the Ultrascale edition can now be run on IBM AIX systems, bringing powerful XML publishing capabilities to IBM ecosystems.

In the updated XF Designer 2012, users now have the ability to use EOS as a source control provider, which allows for the opening of documents from a remote EOS repository. 

The new version also includes numerous style improvements, such as the ability to set attributes for Regions, Static Content, and Page Sets, as well as the ability to utilize Repeating Columns:

New Features for XF Designer 2012

  • Added EOS as a source control provider. You can now open documents from a remote EOS repository and perform different source control operations (add, delete, revert, update, etc)

  • Added “HTML field” option allowing users to select type of field they are adding in Design View
  • Linking rows to repeating rows (Parent row functionality)
  • Styles Improvements:

             -the ability to set attributes for Regions, Static Contents, and Page Sets

             -name-id style type

             -support for different css selectors in Styles Gallery

  • Embedding CSS Stylesheets
  • Expanded form controls functionality:

           -added flat/blank style

          -more check mark options for checkboxes

          -ability to  select borders’ styles

  • Added “Auto Adjust Regions” option in Page Layout
  • Converting Page Sets to Dynamic Page Sets
  • Added capability to select pdf image compression settings for previewing
  • Improved user functionality in Charting dialogs
  • Saving external references’ path as relative or absolute
  • Autotext dialog refinements:

          -search through autotext items

          -sort autotext list

  • The ability to add empty translations
  • Repeating columns

New Features for XF Rendering Server 2012

  • IBM AIX compatible
  • The ability to reuse image resources for AFP output.
  • Automatic conversion of TrueType/Type1 fonts to FOCA native raster fonts.
  • Automatic font detection on Linux
  • Speakers notes in PPTXOutput
  • Font-stretch
  • Spread-span extensions
  • PDF Page Label extensions
  • SVG Text Shadow
  • Caching XSL templates (Only in Ultrascale)
  • XSLTEngine drop down in Management Console for Server Templates
  • Force page count extensions
  • Compute-job-info extension on DAL Root
  • Added select printer hot folder
  • WordML output major improvements:

            -TextWrapping = around


            -Table of Contents

  • CSS support improvement
  • Management Console DPI for rasterized vector graphics in outputs like HTML/WordML
  • XSLT engine extension for DAL transformations
  • Reuse document resources when dealing with PDF/XCHART/EPS etc. graphics
  • AIX setup tools
  • The ability to install several engine versions on the same machine

New Features for Data Architect 2012

  • Java external functions
  • Database output
  • Caching data (Table & Query dialog)
  • Subdocuments & input parameter
  • EOS subversion
  • StringBefore, StringAfter functions
  • Copy/Paste
  • Query list dialog
  • Find function
  • Refresh context button on WebService, External Function and Stored Procedure
  • Added "Link All" capabilities
  • Log level & Database Command Timeout in Option dialog                  

New Features for Data Aggregation Server 2012

  • Java external functions (also has support for Input DataSet)
  • Database output
  • Input DataSet in .Net External Function
  • Caching data
  • Subdocuments & input parameter
  • StringBefore, StringAfter function
  • Database Command Timeout in Management Console

New Features for EOS 2012

  • Enhanced version control and repository functionality linked with Designer
  • Review and Approval workflow control (including email notifications, etc.)
  • Advanced process scheduling for production automation

More Information

Ecrion Software Inc. provides top of the line solutions for XML based workflows, including conversion of XML to PDF, Postscript, AFP and more using open standards like XSL-FO and SVG.

Our server product, XF Rendering Server 2012 is a leap forward in XML document formatting technology. Built to take advantage of today's multi-core/multi-processor hardware, the engine can process the largest XML documents at a sustained rate of thousands of pages per minute.

The input data can be supplied as XML or it can be retrieved from any data source using Ecrion Data Aggregation Server.

This data is formatted using templates designed in XF Designer 2012, a standards compliant WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visual software. Because XF Designer is easy to use, it is preferred by both technical and non technical users.