Rockville, MD, USA - August 29, 2013

 Figure 1: Users can quickly and easily edit documents on the fly with Ecrion's EOS platform

Figure 1: Users can quickly and easily edit documents on the fly with Ecrion's EOS platform

Ecrion’s EOS platform has been updated! As we continually strive to provide our customers with the most powerful and functional data integration, document automation, and business intelligence solutions available, we are very pleased to announce several enhancements to our all-in-one EOS platform.

This latest update includes several exciting additions, including an all-new online environment for editing documents, which makes it easy to alter communications on the fly without having to revisit the designer.  It also features the new interactive forms capabilities, which makes it easy to submit and capture information, and foster more productive 2-way communication between organizations and their customers!


Updates to Ecrion's EOS Platform

  • Interactive HTML5 documents can now be generated through Ecrion EOS using the HTML5 Add-On
  • Introduced online editor for quick and easy document changes
  • Added new interactive forms for information submission and capture
  • Implemented archive import into a project/folder
  • Implemented project/snapshot export as an archive
  • Added option in projects to enable/disable anonyms download of job files
  • Implemented copy/move files
  • Implemented recycle bin
  • Added the option to create multiple document production tasks files
  • Added hourly schedule option
  • Added maintenance task. This task is used to delete old jobs in order to clean the repository.
  • Added more options in Edit template page. Now user can add/edit page sequences as well.
  • Implemented detection of document dependencies
  • Added automatic escalation option in Review & Approval step if the review of snapshot is overdue.
  • Implemented option to add to favorites files/folder and display them on home page on top.
  • Added custom rights: FileAllowWrite and FileDenyWrite
  • Implemented logging
  • Added Management Console to configure the log levels, log folder
  • Added HTML 5 output in rendering operation
  • Implemented {PARAM:ParameterName} expression in production tasks. This expression can be used to override the default value with a value passed via EOS web services.
  • Other misc. improvements and fixes.

More Information

Ecrion provides top of the line solutions for XML based workflows, including conversion of XML to PDF, Postscript, AFP and more using open standards like XSL-FO and SVG.

Our server product, XF Rendering Server 2013 is a leap forward in XML document formatting technology. Built to take advantage of today's multi-core/multi-processor hardware, the engine can process the largest XML documents at a sustained rate of thousands of pages per minute.

The input data can be supplied as XML or it can be retrieved from any data source using Ecrion Data Agregation Server.

This data is formatted using templates designed in XF Designer 2013, a standards compliant WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visual software. Because XF Designer is easy to use, it is preferred by both technical and non technical users.